Is there any spoiler to this effect?

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  1. I can see the similarity. Same basic concept, it just fits the vehicle it's made for. :shrug:
  2. You haven't seen a coupe with no spoiler on the trunk lately have you? lol

    The coupe and vert trunk lid round up near the end so it's a lot harder to mix and match.

    Coupe/Vert lid:
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    On a second note. I've always wanted the ASC spoiler on my vert...but they're just so dang expensive!

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  3. i like that 3 peice on an aero-nose. just fill in those dips in the rear, and i think it would look really good.
  4. i guess a lower profile saleen is what im going for...
  5. so you want a modified "whale tail" not a "duck tail"
  6. I'm with you on that too, I have one of those in my basement.:nice: I plan to use some kind of LED light bar in the window for a CHMSL. I dont know why they stopped using that spoiler either.

    So you want to cut the "legs" off of the Saleen wing? :scratch: Even if you did something like that the spoiler would still slope down and look weird from the profile. There aren’t very many wing options because of the slope on the fox hatch, thats why you’re not getting very many (or any) pics of custom hatch spoilers unfortunately; maybe someone has something out there. You would probably have to learn how to fiberglass to make or modify an existing spoiler.
  7. all notches should have the mclaren wing

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  8. yeah i understand about the slope on the hatch,its in my original post.
    i'm till thinking someone is going to post a pic i would drool over. hey someone already posted a aero car with a 79-85 3 piece spoiler,which was close but it needs more travel away from the car to be considered duck tail(whale tail i call it!)

    i guess saleen and cobras are the best looking,

    but someone might post some pics of a unique spoiler that s just hiding away on there computers getting no attention:nice:
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  10. After searching & not really finding what I was looking for I decided to make my own. I glued several layers of pink insulation foam together & weighted it as the glue dried so it would conform to the trunklid's shape. Then I sanded it to shape, laid 4 layers of fiberglass mat over it, and I'm doing some filler work now (well actually I told myself I'd work on it today but I haven't touched it). Here are some progress pics.:
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  11. My first impression is that it's too tall, but then again it looks a lot like the wings that some of the old road racer used and those are awesome. I wouldn't hesitate to put something like that on my coupe as long as it all shapes out right. I'd really rather have a sheetmetal spoiler like that than glass though.
  12. That's kind of the look I was going for, like some of the old Trans Am series race cars from the '70's, like an AAR Cuda or ''68 camaro. Most of those were glass or plastic back then.
  13. should look pretty good i just really want to see it finished/painted
  14. Yeah, thats really cool. I can't wait to see it finished. I really have appreciation for people who can take on a task like that.
  15. I love the ones they use in American Iron, but they're a little bigger than i would consider running on the street.

    Here's the Griggs Racing "Old Blue' of my favorite Mustangs ever:

    I wanna say it's sheet metal but it may be lexan or something like that. I think about half that would look cool on a street car.

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  16. I love to see pics of cars working the track like that:drool:
  18. I wish they had a 03/04 cobra spoiler for the notches.

    I have some pics of the griggs spoiler made in a shorter version.

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  19. that blue noth looks sick but really there is not enough dimension to the spoiler for my still looks good but i think it would look better with some more thickness and dimension to it,like the other guys making.looks good
  20. Yeah, if that blue one were just a tad shorter and had some angles on it, it would look so much better.