Is there any spoiler to this effect?

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  1. I've been looking for something for my coupe along the lines of your spoiler idea. I'd like something close to the 03/04 cobra spoiler.
  2. How tall is your design?
  3. good to see this thread make a comeback:SNSign:

    i think im going to end up with a cobra or saleen though, keep the gt bumper and go saleen or get the cobra bumper and cobra spoiler...:shrug: but thats today tommorow is another day:flag:
  4. Where's the final product?
  5. Lol, I haven't worked on it in a little while. I'm gonna be a dad soon & my wife & I have been getting things ready for the baby. I have a long weekend for Thanksgiving so maybe I can get it finished.
  6. Congratulations. I hope everything goes well with the new baby and your wife. Hey I was thinking it might just be easier to just see if the gt500 spoiler matches somewhat with the body lines of the coupe. It is pretty much dead on to the design your looking for.
  7. Hey man, any progress on that spoiler?
  8. Sorry I haven't been on in a while, I just became a dad! I haven't worked on it in a while, I need to get my butt in gear & finish it.
  9. The taillights?
  10. Any progress yet on your spoiler?
  11. Didnt really read to much of the thread just looked at pics, but I think this kind of lip spoiler looks best on the 03 cobra's, not so much on foxes (at least on GT's)


    For a GT I think hands down the cobra is the best wing. From a side it looks like a nice lip and from front of back the fins give it a distinct look.


  12. anyone have a cobra spoiler on an LX? I have saleen wing and not really digging the look.
  13. on a lx coupe or hatch?
  14. Duck tails awoohoo!
  15. i like the style of the cobra ,but i dont like the center fins .. i would like to see a cobra wing without the center fins in there . Photoshop anyone?
  16. So... buy a cobra wing and hack off the center fins? There's a pic of a notch with a small sheetmetal lip on the trunk and i think it looks great. Try a search for any spoiler and also one from a turbocoupe..
  17. :nice:
    :hail2: Now why didnt i think of that? :shrug: Hmmmmmm lets see,Ohh ask someone to photoshop first before spending money to experiment.Surely im wrong for being curious?.I know, your just one of those "this is too obvious i'll throw this out there", kind of humor guy!:nice: