is there anyone inupstate NY area??

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  1. anyone?
  2. Used to be, I lived in Rochester for a while, grew up in Buffalo. Looking for anything in particular??

    I'm hoping to move back some day.
  3. well i was hoping to hook up with some of ya near by sometime to exchange info and stuff, since one kid in town have hooked up mustang is bit of cocky A-hole, don't really want to talk to him. everyone around me is in to hook up weed eaters, i mean hondahs :doh: they really can't tell me anything I want to know
  4. I'm in the Albany-Saratoga area. What about yourself?
  5. im up at RIT in rochester NY.

    always willing to meet more stangers in the area! :flag:
  6. i'm in town called Oneonta. right by I-88.
  7. I am near Binghamton area....
  8. wow ! There are a lot of people near me. I live in Canandaigua, Which is about a half hour south of Rochester. I usualy go down to New York International Raceway Park in Leicester, New York to drag race. Does anyone here ever go there ? It would be awsome to meet and share ideas with everyone. Feel free to contact me via PM here.
  9. why we should think about get together sometimes and have fun eh?
  10. Have to get together for sure. I've been to Oneonta once. I have a friend that's going to College there. Unfortunately It's too far for me to travel on just a single day off. I'm not too sure how far the track is from there. Here's a link to the track so you can check it out if you've never been. I'll be there a lot this month as the race season is coming to an end. Maybe we could meet up there it it's not too far for you ?
  11. I live in Queensbury. met a guy last night with a 5.0 while me and my girl were out getting ice cream. seemed like he knew alot about our cars. well at least more than me, but i'm a newbie. :D there's a few nice ones around the area which i would like to meet up with and share stuff.
  12. hey stroker has a shop right? wouldn't that be good place for meet? I mean Rochester isn't that far. I can plan weekend trip for that
  13. That would be fine with me. We are always looking for stanger to stop by and see waht is going on. We are in the process of moving out to ontario. hopefully that will be sometime in October. We are planning on doing a grand opening, with something. Anyone interested, please let me know. PM or email me. [email protected]


    Brett T Forgione
    Northcoast Performance
  14. im in utica
  15. thats pretty colse from me.

    So anyone want to take sometime to plan something?? :D
  16. mity2

    Where are u located?????


    Brett T Forgione
    Northcoast Performance
  17. I would if my car would run!

    anyone know any reputable shops to have my car fixed at close to rochester!!
  18. I'm another one from Rochester. I went to RIT back in the day and I live about 20 miles south of the city now. There seem to be quite a few of us around here.

  19. my 10-40 is toen call Oneonta. 1/2 between Albany and Binghanton on I-88