is there anyone inupstate NY area??

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  1. Cant say that ive herd of D&M but i went to northcoast befor the owners a realy nice guy and helped me out with alot of questions i had for him.
  2. Yup, I've nothing but good things to say about them. I also got my complete lowering kit from them for a decent price.

    And, if you need anything metal chromed, I found a shop up in Niagara Falls that does outstanding work.
  3. syracuse here, a big meet does sounds pretty good, but definatly in the spring
  4. How did I miss this post? :bang:

    Well My name is Rob and im from Orchard Park, home of the Bills (ya they blow)
    Im all for some drag racing this spring i got my new motor in and my car is making some power now. lets plan on something for spring! :nice:
  5. Cheektowaga here. I go watch the oval track races at Lancaster speedway.
  6. I'm from Depew! Between Transit and Boarden, off Como. We should hook up sometime. By the way, have you seen this driving around?


    That'd be mine.
  7. I'm from Depew! Between Transit and Borden, off Como. We should hook up sometime. By the way, have you seen this driving around?


    That'd be mine.
  8. im between albany and oneonta in some small redneck town looking for fellow mustangers im tired of all the import guys.

  9. where are you? I'm in Oneonta, and would love to hook up and shoot chit

    edit - wait, your popo?.... Guess i can't tell ya any of my crazy speeding story huh? :nonono:
  10. I am back

    Hey wassup Guys. This is stroker9517, got banned with that name, so I created a new name. For all that u are wondering we have moved into are new location on David Parkway. Last building on the right on David Parkway. What I am planning on doing in the spring/summer is have Mustang Crusie Nights at the shop, with food and stuff, and then let u guys walk though the building, and see if u like anything. More on that when it becomes closer. Now since we have the room, i am planning on stocking more Steeda, Ford Racing, and other Mustang Performance/styling parts. If u have any questions, please send me an email at [email protected].

    Brett T Forgione
    Northcoast Performance
  11. Im always waiting for another meet in NY! :nice:
  12. Cool! I'd be up for that. :nice:
  13. Dp sorry
  14. another one from rotenchester :flag:
  15. Not in Upstate NY but in Oakville... Ontario (45min from Niagara Falls and an hour from Buffalo) :)
  16. im way upstate. any one live around plattsburgh,ny?

  17. good old STONEONTA
  18. :flag: I'll be attending Stoneonta jan 17th :banana:

  19. no kidding. my nextdoor is one of biggest pothead there is. And ricer as well.
    Matts89LX5.0 - ya bringin ya car? i live about 30 sec from SUCO, about 2 min from Hartwick. all stanger from this area should hook up sometime