is there anyone inupstate NY area??

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  1. Newbie here. I'm at the wonderful Rochester Institute of Technology. (note the sarcasm on wonderful) Just spent all my money from coop, mostly on my 97 stang :D . Ah well, at least I got my car on my own. I'd be down for maybe something in the spring, but I can't afford to break nothing without a job. Hell, the campus even killed my spending cash job so I can't even buy the Tri-Ax like I wanted. I'll have to get up to North Coast to stare and drool though.
  2. I wish i was bringing a mustang up, but my 4 cylinder roller is for sale with ALL the conversion parts because i don't think i'll finish it on time before i leave
  3. what? hurry up and get one done!!!
  4. Laserstang, have you heard of Team Vertigo. It's RIT's car club. Check out It's nothing formal, just a good group of guys (and one or two girls) that talk all sortsa chit on the vertigo borad and meet for lunch on Sat's.
  5. Bringing up an Old Post....I'm up for the Summer, Looking for a Drap Strip to hit up...I Live in Clarendon Close to Brockport....When is Test and Tune night at
  6. I'm from Rochester, and now live in Buffalo.

    To answer your question, it says on the site Fridays, GATES OPEN: 5:30 pm
    Time Trial & Test from 6 pm to 10 pm*!! *Test till 11 pm if over 100 cars.
  7. I Live in Westchester county about 30 minutes north of NYC. anyone else????
  8. I live in athens PA . I go to NYIRP every friday . Im about 2 hours from there .

  9. i'll be going to school in morrisville come the fall got grandparents in syracuse. Stang is in about a million pieces but will hopefully be back together by next spring.
  10. my girl was going to go SUNY Morrisville, but instead went to SUNY Delhi.
    Rt 20 is something else tho. 4 lane hhighway, and almost zero trafic..
  11. yea i'm pumped to go they just dropped like $5 million on a new automotive department. something like 25 lifts, chassis dyno, stuff to do alignment tire changes chassis tuning autobody you name it. So hopefully in 4 years i'll have an insane stang.
  12. Im from utica.....4 or 5 buddys with stangs...we'll drive anywhere to hangout with some more stangers!!
  13. there is a bunch of us in the albany area if you guys want to travel
  14. I definatly would love to, except you guys usually hook up on weekend, and both my gf and I work weekend...
  15. I live in Ogdensburg, NY and if I was any closer to Canada I would be speak French and say Ay after everything I said ... Ay.
  16. Does anyone live or meet around the Glens Falls area? I've lived here for a couple years and don't really know anyone my age (25), it sucks. AIM is TommygunNY43 or leave yours. I had a body dropped, teal chevy fullsize you might have seen.

    Hey 03 Pony I grew up in Potsdam.
  17. Yes, Potsdam. So Tommy43 you know my pain of living in Oburg.
  18. Seems like it's due time to organize a meet. Either a cruse night or a meeting at NYIRP. I'm not sure what's better for everyone here. Let's get something going for this summer though.

    I make a usual showing at NYIRP every Wednesday night for the bracket races. Look for the slow sliver V6 getting big head starts hehehe. You can find me on AOL @ zoopaManFTP or send me a pm here on stang net.

    If interest for a meet surfaces we can persuade the mods to get us a sticky thread to work as a sign up and place to plan it out. Anyone interested ??????
  19. I would, but im in nj for the summer.

    Once I'm back at school I'll be at NYIRP a lot this year....lots of new mods going on and I need to drop the times B)
  20. what the hell is that?? Im from westchester county .. aanyone else?