Is there anyway to get a 3.5 cubic foot box in our trunk?

Discussion in '1994 - 1995 Specific Tech' started by moneypit94, Dec 5, 2003.

  1. Sence i have my mustang put away I took out my subs and amp and traded them in to get a stereo that fits in my labaron (beater car). Well I got a little too gready and bought a memphis LVS15...

    If you have ever seen this sub you will know that it is HUGE and needs space, 3.5 cubic feet to be exact.

    Is there anyway possible to fit this bad boy into my mustang this spring?

    BTW, I just put it in my car yesterday and am still in the break in period of it, so i haven't turned it up very load, but the little i did turn it up, all i can say is wow... It puts completely kills the fosgate 15" HE2 that i had in it for awhile... It also puts the JL W7 12's to shame that i have heard.

    I want this thing in My mustang so bad that its killing me... The second most important question... Can it be put in without it being nearly impossible to take out?
  2. no way :bang:
  3. Not sure about 3.5ft but we managed to cram a 3ft in my brothers 95. It required taking the entire back seat and basically every thing around the front of the trunk then we slid it into place from the front. Had to remove the rear speakers since they hung down and hit and he relocated them. This was a virtual technologies box for dual subs and it's too much in my opinion. Oh yea also had to massage the wheel well's a little to get it into place. I'll tell you now that it's going to be a **** to do.
  4. It depends on the size and shape. most likely what you will have to do is build a custom enclosure, cut all the pieces and whatnot, and assemble the actual enclosure inside the trunk
  5. This was exactly what i was affraid of. I want it to be fairly easy to get in and out... I can handle taking the back seats apart.

    :OT: on the way to school i turned my volume up to 11 and oh my god... I can't wait till its broke in to really put some power to it... It was twice as load my old set up ever got... (Last night we set pennies on the trunk and it was shooting them up 6 inches...) To be honest with you it's nasty... especially for the price i got everything for... And it would be even loader in the mustang... :drool:
  6. moneypit, you said that the speaker was smoking your w7 ??????
    Did you use the same amound of wattage to both subs? Or are you running more watts to the new sub? Does it sound clean? I guess you will need to turn up the volume to know for sure.

    BTW, if you design a custom box, I am sure you can get it in and out of your trunk without a problem. But you have to design one to do so. I would draw the specs up myself, and have someone build it to those specs. Don't just let someone else do it on their own.

    Anything is possible. I know what you are going through. I need to make a box that will fit 3 JL 10's. It was easy in my old truck w/ extended cab, but with the stang it's going to be fun.

    I might just make 3 seperate boxes, because I only want the rear of the speaker sealed, and the front open. It will make my life much easier.

    Oh, and remember, the box doesn't need to be 3' long; You can make it 1.5 x 1.5 x 1.5 which comes out to 3.375 cu ft. I know it's not 3 exactly, but you see my point. Measure the trunk opening and see what your limits are for dimensions. The design away.

    I used a bit of calculus to make sure my box was perfect. Once you have the drawings, you can post them here and I'll figure total volume. But you might figure out a way to approximate the volume using triangles/squares/etc.