Is there such a thing as a "Factory Freak"?

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by JuggalotuStang, Oct 11, 2004.

  1. I have gone from 3rd to 2nd, but nothing like that happened, car was fine!

    For the debate to me it seems there are always too many variables. I see some guys who get cars and never run good times, claim they never got a freak car. Then I see other guys, and every car they get runs amazing times for the mods, they surely dont get that lucky.

    I look at this, my car runs what it runs with the mods I listed before, my dads car went 12.11 @ 110.5 with a stock bottem end, stock cam, GT-40Ps (unported), Cobra intake, and suspension mods. Im sure lots of people would call that a freak car, but hey, how did our family get two of them???

  2. yea 2950 was pretty light , I am guessing my new 93 is about 3150-3250 supercharged 2002 probably weighs 3350 or so ....weighed 3264 before the long tube headers and vortech I am adding 100 lbs , sound about right ???
  3. What mods were done to the car's suspension?
  4. yeah my 93 weighs in at 3150 w/o me and thats with aluminum heads, removed ac, aluminum driveshaft, removed swaybar, removed powersteering, removed dogbone, removed fog light brackets, fiberglass hood and thats with less than 1/4 of a tank.
  5. Full weight my car (when it was an auto) was over my car weighs right around 3150...I have aluminum heads and nothing deleted...w/ aluminum driveshaft and aluminum radiator...

    Yeah the 99+ Gt's aren't heavy like people think :nonono:
  6. Adjustable LCAs, and UCAs, Strange Struts, Lakewood shocks, Eibach front springs, stock rears, air bag in the right rear, and removed sway bar! Cars best 60' is a 1.61 and has done it a few times, but averages in the 1.63-1.65 area whether 5000 or off the limiter!
  7. ive got the steeda hardcore uppers and lowers and like them alot. i dont think my 1.75 60ft is bad leaving at 1400rpm through the aod.
  8. What kind & size back tires?
  9. american racer g60's dot dirt track tires "26.5 x 9" about same as 245/60
  10. Definately not, I couldnt get my AOD to launch anything better than a family car so I gave up and went stick...

    I am amazed at how your car runs and launches. Some days I can barely get 1.75s launching on Slicks (never on the ET Streets) with this suspension. Im sure your car makes more power than mine did when I had the AOD (mine would trap 97-99) and your converter is much better. Time for a few more power mods and 12s!

    Damn Factory Freaks make us non Factory Freak guys look bad!!!
  11. what else can i do? youve seen my mods. i think i can get a 13.2 now just got to get to the track
  12. As bad as it sounds, youll probably have to move on to changing or porting the intake. I was told this doesnt help much, and have no real proof that it does, but I feel it helped my car out, even before I added the valves. I hit a 13.05 @ 103.4 with the heads being all stock and original, stock MAF, and the major mod being the Cobra intake. I think it was worth a tenth or two, and will probably help your mph!
  13. thought about gouing with a tmoss ported lower, but i want to know that ive done the best i can with what ford origanally put together. before i pull any thing apart and swap to ported or upgraded parts.
  14. I wish I could do the same, but oh well!
  15. I got 1 from t-moss and it gave me a tenth.But now that Ive learned how to launch,it might be good for 2 I think.I ran a 14,1 tonight with a 1.9 60ft. :nice: