Is This A 65 Mustang Gt?

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  1. Hey everyone! This website has been super helpful and I'm really glad I found it. I've wanted a classic mustang ever since I was 16 I'm 30 now and I finally have some cash and the time to put into a project car. I would LOVE a GT. I found this one and was wondering if you guys could help me see if it's a real GT. The car is 5 hrs away from me so I want to make sure it's what I ant before I go all the way over there to see it. Thanks for the help! 00J0J_eCLSbMq8f8o_600x450.jpg 00B0B_602z5HvfEYS_600x450.jpg 00N0N_fBqiMr247JZ_600x450.jpg 00r0r_5QLJBLvnAIB_600x450.jpg 01212_elGz6o1kpFh_600x450.jpg 00w0w_gW7nDiyLOVm_600x450.jpg 00l0l_tynWHLAakb_600x450.jpg
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  3. A true GT will not have holes welded in where the quarter ornament should be .
    It will have extra holes in the radiator support at each side for fog light wires to pass through. It will be an A code or K code for the motor. It will have reinforcement panels under the rear seat to support the duel exhaust with two large studs coming through with nuts ,that would be the exhaust hanger .
  4. That poor thing looks a hot mess.
    Try and get the door tag or VIN pictures sent to you, as well as a shot of the engine without the air cleaner on it.
  5. I can see what looks like a disk brake pedal ,you can clearly see the ring in the pad and it appears to have the large disk brake master cylinder ,that's a good thing .It does have the exhaust trim rings in the rear valance . The gas cap is wrong if it is a 66.It doesn't appear to have deluxe interior ,but deluxe interior was an option. It looks like it has a mix of 65 and 66 parts such as the 65 gas cap and the 66 glove box door. I cant see a fog light switch under the driver side of the dash but it could have been removed. it looks like it has a 65 grill so the gas cap may be correct if the car is a 65 .
  6. Thanks guys you've been most helpful! The guy selling it is an older gentlemen. He claims it a 65 GT. I saw a few things that made me hopeful but I'm just skeptical. He was asking 8000 for the car and I got him down to 6000. Do you guys think 6k is a fair price for this? Thats pretty much my budget. I feel i can talk him down more but I definitely don't want to take advantage of him so If 6k is a fair price I'm more than willing to pay it. Again thanks for the help guys!
  7. Here some more pics he sent me today.

  8. It is an a code so it is possibly a GT. 6k is pretty high for no interior. The hood scoop is another downer because you will need another hood.
    65C shows hardtop standard bench seat. M shows as Wimbledon white
    32 shows blue bench seat, 22Q is 22nd of march. 71 is DSO Los Angeles
    1 is 3.00-1 gear ratio, and 5 is 4 speed, and that is kind or rare with a bench seat GT or not. still nothing to show it is a GT . I would ask the guy if he would lift the back seat bottom and take a pic. of the floor under it.
  9. He wont go below 6k :( and someone else is looking into buying it tomorrow so I will just have to keep looking. Thanks for the help! Other than craigslist is there another good place to look for mustangs?
  10. Keep looking and dont get discouraged, it took me 5 years to find my 67 for the price i wanted to pay. The one for you is out there somewhere...
  11. Just curious as to why you want a GT so bad? I agree with the other poster about the condition of the car. For $6K it seems to be high considering what you will need to put back into it. The dash has also been cut for an aftermarket stereo. Not a terribly difficult fix but still another thing that needs to be done that, if not done properly you will notice every time you sit in the car. If you are looking for a project why not pick up a really nice 6cyl (lots with much less abuse) and make it your own. If you want a real GT for investment purposes I don't think that would be the one for $6K. I'm doing a 6cyl to 8cyl conversion right now. I chose a 6cyl b/c I won't be de-valuing an A code car by making it my own. If you have any questions on that I would be glad to help out where I can. Good luck.