Is this a good deal for a T5?

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  1. Here's the info:

    I have a Tremec Transmission for sale $800.00 obo. This transmission sale price is $1295.00 brand new. This transmission only has at the most has 400 miles on it -- 100 after the rebuild. It also comes with a Steeda Tri-Ax shifter with a Pro 5.0 handle. The shifter itself brand new goes for $179.00. The bell housing is also included. I have attached the specs from Jegs website. You can email me with questions. I also have pics, I will add them soon. This is a good deal.

    A "World Class" heavy-duty version of the Mustang GT factory transmission. Short throw shifter included.


    Die-cast aluminum housings reduce weight
    Advanced synchronizers, bearings, and bearing retainer
    Tapered roller bearings on shafts minimize noise and wear
    Powdered steel core blocker rings & engineered friction materials
    Patented strut-type design for durability
    Internal, single-rail shift system
    Requires 5.62 pints of fluid
    1st to 4th gear needle bearings improve high-speed performance and lessen shift effort
    5th gear overdrive provides extended ratio coverage
    Sliding idler Reverse for simplicity and reliability
    Gear Ratios: 1st 2.95, 2nd 1.94, 3rd 1.34, 4th 1.00, 5th .63, Reverse 2.76
  2. A good deal on a World Class T5 would be around the $400-500 range. I got mine for $450 w/ bell, clutch cable, stock shifter, etc. If you opt for one of these, try to find a 90-93 T5. They're stronger than the 86-89 T5s (which are also considered 'world class'). Don't bother with one before 86 or after 94... they'd work but theres added headaches.

    Now, that looks like it may be a T-5z (higher torque rating etc) which is worth more but $800 sounds a little steep for a used one still. I might shell out $600-700 on one, but you only need a T-5z if you're pushing 350-400 ft-lbs or something (ie at least a moderately serious build). Make 100% sure you confirm its a T5z though before you buy.

    You could/should ask for the codes on the transmission. A simple google search once you have that code will tell you what you've got.
  3. I'm of the opinion that parts are worht whatever someone will pay. If you can get $800, then that's it's value. Personally, I doubt it will fetch that much, and unless you can prove the mileage, it's just a used transmission. Because I wouldn't know you from Adam, I'd be leary of any and all claims. Ever notice that every used car has a "freshly rebuilt motor" or a "new clutch" or some other non-proveable rebuild? I don't want to sound harsh, but be prepared for a lot of raised eyebrows when you toss that claim out there.
  4. Sounds a little high for just the trans and bellhousing . . . $800 is a good deal for trans/bellhousing and clutch/pressure plate.
  5. I'm not actually selling it... I just copied the ad of someone who is.
  6. Oh, I must've been thrown off by the first sentence of your post, the one that said, "I have a Tremec Transmission for sale $800 obo". Same rules of thumb apply either way. If it can't be proven (rebuilt, etc) assume it's not true. I typically price used stuff at 1/2 of known rebuilt or new parts.
  7. I got mine for $250 w/ 6 month warranty(from a salvage yard)...but it has 25k miles