Mach 1 Is this a good price?

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  1. My POS computer won't link me to that site. What's the mileage and price? Stock or modded?
  2. Seems like a good price to me, take a good walk around it, some people treated these cars pretty harshly, paint chips, dents, etc. Might be why its so low. See what you can talk them down to before you even see it.
  3. A car dealership selling it for that cheap with only 25,000 miles, I would be HIGHLY suspicious that's it's been wrecked in one way or another. Even a private owner would sell it for more than that, unless he's desperate for the money.
  4. Price

    Body Style Coupe
    Mileage 24,221
    Exterior Color Royal Blue
    Interior Color Charcoal Leather
    Engine 8 Cylinder Gasoline
    Transmission 4 Speed Automatic
    Drive Type 2 wheel drive - rear
    Fuel Type Gasoline
    Doors Two Door
    Stock No. M70450B
    VIN 1FAFP42R83F425594


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  5. The color is Azure Blue. If you go look at it, go over it with a fine tooth comb. I would be very leery. That price is too cheap for a dealership.
  6. If it's in as good as shape mechanically as it appears to be cosmetically, then that's a steal!

    I'll almost be willing to bet that it was a female owned car, judging by the auto trans and the lack of wear and tear on the driver's seat.

    Whoever drove it seems to have bent the chin spoiler up a few times, notice the wavyness in it? Other than that, nothing jumps out at me.
  7. well the only thing i noticed from the pics is that the back bumper looks to be full of paint chips all over it
  8. if it was close to me i would be all over that car great price... do a quick look over open the trunk and pull the carpet pack on the sides and see if you see any wrinkeled up sheet metal its the easiest way for a unexperienced person to find damage that was repaired cheaply...otherwise look for the vin tags on all the panels if there gone chances are it has new skins or if they have overspray on them its a give away it has had some paint work done
  9. Ask the dealership for a CARFAX report. The tires unless they have been replaced (can't tell by looking at the pictures) are the Goodyears that our Mach 1's come equipped with from the factory. Other than that, as it has already been said, nothing stands out from just looking at the pics. It might be worth the trip to check it out in person. Good Luck. Oh yeah, Royal Blue, LOL.

    BTW, nothing wrong with having an automatic transmission. I should know, both my stangs have one. An auto trans is almost mandatory when driving in L.A. traffic. lol