35th Anniv Is This A "le"?

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  1. Hi, here is the VIN xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    I buying the car tonight @ 5:30 and would like to know.......albeit I'm buying it anyway.....LOL

    1999 Mustang GT coupe. 35th Anniversary edition with ONLY 22,000 MILES!!! this gorgeous car has never seen salt or snow and very limited wet weather driving. SEAT COVERS ON THE FRONT SEATS SINCE THE DAY IT WAS PURCHASED NEW. Garage kept since new and dealership maintained since new. 4.6L V8 with several nice mods (see list below), Automatic trans (shifts great), all fluids have been replaced. No accident history whatsoever. cloth interior with seat covers on it's entire life!NO DENTS, DINGS, OR SCRATCHES! Now for the goodies:

    BBK Cold Air Kit
    Underdrive pulleys
    Pypes stainless steel off road X-Pipe (also have factory h-pipe with cats)
    FRPP cat back 2.5" exhaust (sounds awesome)
    3.73 gears
    Hypertech power programmer 87 or 91 octane
    Eibach lowering springs (1.5")
    Brand New 20: boss 338 wheels w/ new Falken 452 series tires (wheels specifically designed for 99-04 Mustang NO RUBBING ANYWHERE)
    99-01 Cobra front bumper with painted on accents and pinstripe on hood and bumper (see pics)
    Rear Mustang lettering painted
    Black Chrome Pony emblem from 2011 Mustang GT
    Blacked headlights w/clear lenses
    Rear spoiler moutned further back than stock (looks much better than factory)
    Tinted windows
    Mach audio system with aftermarket head unit (factory head unit included)
    Alarm system and REMOTE START



  2. Vin removed from post
  3. Thanks...............I guess someone could use the #?.......... Noobs need Help.....LOL
  4. The most common scam is Vin number cloning.
  5. Thanks very much for taking it off then!............I owe you one.....
  6. No you don't. I'm the janitor... it's my job. :nice:

  7. I think I'll call you the "Mop Bucket Man"...........:lol:
  8. From the exterior pics, it has the hoodscoop and decklid insert but I'd say those were added. That's more likely than someone ditching the LE's spoiler, sidescoops and wheels. If it doesn't have the 2 tone seats, silver instrument cluster then it's definately not. I don't personally care for wheels over 18'' on stangs but otherwise she's a beauty. Congrats!
  9. Yeah it has the silver instrument panel, the interior is a 2 tone but in cloth and has the pony on the drivers and passenger side, honeycomb in the back,floormats ect................I had read someplace that they made a few in cloth with auto..........dont really know......this isnt even my car, we bought it for my 15yo son.......... He's fired up and LOVES the car and thats what matters......:nice:
  10. Nice ride however, your stang is not a LE. Cloth seats and different side scoops give it away unless it is some rare optioned one??...enjoy the car!!
  11. don't ever sell it regardless of being an le or not. i had one as my first, a 91. sold it in 95 and regretted it ever since. bought a 92 that i am working on right now but everytime i am in dearborn, mi i look forthat 91 with check book in hand.
  12. He is outside cleaning a already clean car............lololol.....I dont think I've ever seen him so happy.....now he has to carry a B average to keep it, or dad gets to drive it.......;)
  13. as said it is not a "Limited Edition" GT. I checked the VIN as well. Nice car though. It also not Peformance Red its Rio Red.

  14. Thanks for checking, I figured it out yesterday after looking further into it, the guy went a long way trying to make it look like one......not sure why, the main thing is my son LOVES it.

    The bad part is he asked me yesterday if he could add those neon lightes under the car.................sigh................. I told him to go get me a Baseball Bat so I could beat it over his head.......:bang:
  15. Sir,

    I am afraid that you have failed as parent. :nonono:
  16. I blame it on the stupid xbox 360- The Fast and Furious or whatever it's called game...............:D