Is this cobra pace car worth the money?

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  1. it says its a GT.."1994 FORD MUSTANG GT * 4 Photos! * Motor Trend 1994 Car of the Year * Has Warranty! *"

    Maybe a typo?
  2. Well, the comment section states this is a GT, not a Cobra. So, you're not getting the Cobra goodies that separate it from the GT.

    One positive is that the mileage is low (less than 8K). I would hope that the body/paint is in near perfect condition with such low miles.

    The Cobra pace car should have special graphics on both doors and they are very visible.

    Since this is a fake, my best guess would be that the car is worth around $15K - $16K. It appears this car is bone stock.

    Don't forget that car is almost 10 years old which brings up the issue of care since it's probably sat a lot. Example: My father-in-law has had a new Mach 1 for a few months and bragged that he only has 460 miles on the odometer. He only drove the car for 2-4 miles each trip and that was not very often. When he told me he had only purchased one tank of gas since the purchase (bought new), I winced and told him to start taking it out more or problems will surely happen. Now he understands that unless he's gonna store the car, he really needs to take longer drives and get the car up to speed. He also enjoys the car more than before....go figure!

    Sorry so long, just got on a roll.
  3. Also, the Cobra rims appear to have dark inserts. I believe the 94-95 Cobras only had inserts that were plain, i.e. not dark.

    Can anyone verify this?
  4. "The Cobra pace car should have special graphics on both doors and they are very visible." - I thought these cars came with the decals in a package ready to be put on if the owner chose to do so. I also believe that the Cobra wheels had the dark (96-97) inserts on the wheels unlike the silver on the Cobra coupes.
  5. Look at the seats it has the indy graphic on the back of the seat I bet its legit. Some people didnt put the graphics on.
  6. well the D in the vin is for the Cobra need to see it in person

  7. Try to talk them down but LOOK at the car FIRST or have an appraiser look at it for you. I HAVE a pace car and that looks to be a real one too. there should be a dash plack too that says "SVT" and the car # on it there were 1000 cars made. The Rims that are on the Autotrader car are Correct! they have the Dark inserts but are more polished than the 96-97's. That price isnt too out of line and the car is in the Cars of particular interest book so its easier to get it insureed for a higher ammount because its Collectable. I got my pace car and I really am happy I did, it gets LOTS of attention, Much moreso than a regular Red Cobra.

    Here are some Pics of mine

    Have any other questions let me know!!!

    :OT: There were also "parade" cars and they were GT's NOT Cobras there were only around 100 of them, and they were automatics.

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  8. Did you get it???
  9. all the pace cars were gt's made to look like cobras, that is what i saw on this forum in the faq
  10. NOT true!
  11. thats just what i read at the bottom of the faq page on here, i dont know how true it is
  12. Mine is a Pace car and its a Cobra. NO Gt here. The Parade Cars ARE Gt's and they made about 100 of them
    Here is a Pic


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  13. whats the vin number on your car?
  14. the car is # 360 of 1000 produced Dont have the Vin in here
  15. you dont have your cars vin number? or you dont know it off hand or have it written down somewhere?

  16. Its ON the car I just dont memorize it ( althought MCA seems like they want you to) and I dont have it written down here at my desk. Why do you want it??
    It IS a Cobra
  17. just wanted to run it through carfax, but ill take your word for it
  18. its a COBRA

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