Is this cobra pace car worth the money?

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  1. post your vin number and we will find out for sure, on the faq page it says they were supposedly gt's converted to cobras,but only the 94-95 pace cars but who knows how true it is. yours probably is but post your vin anywyas
  2. It looks like a cobra to me.
    Spoiler has the 3rd brakelight not the trunk, white face gauges, cobra front end/fogs, 8th Letter in vin is "D"
  3. Just thought I would pipe in on this one.

    1st off the vehicle in the auto trader is real if that is the VIN.
    Pace cars are REAL cobra's. Merkstang is correct about the "Parade Cars" which were called Festival Cars. They were the Promo and parade cars for the race. They were all 94 GT's with the Indy Graphics like the Pace Cars.

    FYI on the 94 Pace Cars the you need to look for.

    Only 1000 produced
    Rio Red was only available color
    Saddle top
    Saddle Leather seats with Indy wings (rare-hard to find if making a clone)
    Rear bumper said "MUSTANG" not "COBRA" on all 94 Cobras
    Decals were shipped in trunk with Indy Wing for decklid and Plate that was to be mounted on the shifter bezel that said SVT and xxx/1000
    Rims are just like the 96-97 rims but highly polished, with grey inserts

    Other than that they come with all the go fast goodies that the rest of the cobra's came with.

    cb18201 I just read the FAQ that you were talking about, that is incorrect. The actual pace cars that did pace the track in the race where cobras.
    They had to be special equipped to meet the INDY rules to be on the track.
    The ACTUAL pace car was equipped with a automatic transmission so that the driver could remain at a steady speed on the track. It also had to have a approved fuel cell, 5 point harness, Halon fire suppression system, Light Bar (similar to Saleen's) with strobe lights, Strobe lights on front and rear of vehicle and radio and wireless camera equipment for the race. Other than that they were the real deal. I do not know the exact number 5 sounds about right. The festival cars, I believe the number was 100 or 107 were GT's that was the same color and trim package. They did not come with anything cobra. GT engine and drivetrain, GT wing, GT bumper (front and rear) and GT badged.
    All 94 Cobra Convertables sold to the public were known as INDY PACE CAR Replicas. Only 1000 sold, but they were real deal cobras.
    Someone needs to let the moderators know about the error on the FAQ :mad: I don't know about you Merkstang but I get kinda pissed when people sees me in town and tells me "nice fake cobra"

    Bottom line, the car in the trader is well worth the asking price..... as it is a very rare car! I will NEVER sell mine, it will be passed on to my son on his 21st birthday. Unfortunatly he is 19 and serving in the US Marines right now, so I only have a few more years with it. :rolleyes:

    I am a SCOA member and if you have any question about the 94 let me know.

    PS even with a correct COBRA VIN the 94-95's -Edit- I have seen returns on carfax as a GT!
  4. back in high school one of my buddies dads got him a 94 pace cobra for his 17th birthday and the bastard got it with only 17 MILES ON THE ODOMETER!!! THATS RIGHT, 17 FREAKIN MILES!!! I WAS SOOOO PISSED TO SAY THE LEAST. ever since then i've wanted one but could only afford a rio red convertible gt :rolleyes: however now that my financial situation is better im in the market for a cobra pace car. hopefully ill be purchasing this one. thanks for all the help guys :nice:
  5. When I ran my 94 cobra's vin, it came back as a cobra, not a gt.
  6. PS even with a correct COBRA VIN the 94-95's -Edit- I have seen returns on carfax as a GT!

    well then wouldnt it make it a GT if the vin says it is.?
  7. I didn't say the VIN was a GT VIN. All I am saying that I have seen Cobra's come back listed on carfax as GT's when they are actually Cobra's The only way to know for sure is by reading the VIN.
    Lets take the VIN from the cobra nonlocality is interested in:

    first 3 digits will always be (1FA) = Ford Motor Company

    4th digit (L) = 94 - 98 (Active Safety Belts-All Positions, First Generation Air Bags)

    5th digit (P) = Passenger Car

    6th & 7th digit (45) = 94 - 95 Convertible

    * 8th digit [engine code] (D) = 93 - 95 Cobra (incl. 93 R)

    9th digit (4) is a check digit Valid digits will be any number 0 - 9 or the letter X

    10th digit [model year] (R) = 94

    11th digit (F) = Dearborn Assembly Plant

    12th - 17th digit are the Consecutive Unit Number.
    1993 - Valid numbers in this area will be between 100001 and 599999.
    1994 and up - Valid numbers in this area will be between 100001 and 600000

    **Note to Cobra owners** Consecutive Unit Number is not the same as your SVT build number, which is on your SVT certificate. That is something that is totally different that is generated and monitored by SVT not Ford Motor Company.

    So like I said if the VIN in the trader is the right one for the car then digits 6,7,8, & 10 verify that it is a Real Cobra and since digit 10 is (R) then it is a Pace Car.

    I have seen VIN's with correct Cobra Numbers, mostly 94 & 95's that are run thru various VIN checkers come back showing that they are GT's Which is normal and most checkers, and it seems CarFax is correcting that. This is something that we go thru during car shows when we check entries. And even though some of these checkers are good resources for checking previous owners, and dealer performed recall services it should not be taken as final word. For that can be only done by reading and decode the VIN itself.
  8. THANK YOU VooDooChild for the Backup!!!
    I did get some Flack at the All Fords at Carlisle this year because Ihave Modified the Pace Car and someone complained to the people in charge. I wasnt there when they came to check it out but Fellow Pace car owner DEFENDED me too!

    VooDooChild are you going to the 40th show? Ill be there with the Pacer.

    cb18201 I did go out and check for you and I DO have the 8th letter as a "D" so rest assured.... Ive been in 4 MCA shows and register with my Vin and Never a problem. I dont need to Post my Vin so Anyone can "check" it. How about I post my SS# and everyone can make SURE Im who I say I am :damnit:
  9. sure sounds good
  10. One in that auto trader looks like a real one to me.

    Merkstang`s car is a cobra pace car
    Nice pics Merk :flag:
    3 pace car pic :worship:
  11. Thanks that was my highlight of the Stampeed to Dearborn MCA show!! The owner of the 79 was video taping as we all drove over!! Its not to steady but its GREAT to see all 3 pace cars on the road at the same time. That may be the only time that happened the are VERY few 64's arround maybe arround 100!

    More Pictures of the 3 Pace Cars and of my car @