Is This Engine Converted To Massair?

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  1. I would assume so. It has a MAF installed on the intake tube. I can't see the MAP/BAP sensor on the firewall- if the vacuum port is open, then again chances are it was converted as MAF uses barometric pressure from open air vs. SD uses a vacuum line from the sensor to the intake.

    If you want to be 100% you can check the computer in the passenger side kick panel to see if it is either an A9L, A9P which are mass air computers for stick and auto, or look to see if the SD computer has the mass air wiring going to it.
  2. The vacuum hose is not on the MAP sensor on the firewall.
  3. I would say it has not only been converted to Mass Air, but SEFI as well. All EFI AOD cars in 1985 came with that dreadful CFI (Central Fuel Injection). Otherwise, everything else got a carburetor.

    That is correct for a Mass Air car. the '86-'88 (non California) Speed Density cars had the vacuum line connected to the MAP sensor. Later Mass Air cars actually used a BAP sensor, which required that spot be vented to atmosphere.
  4. Ok ral dumb question... What is SEFI new to mustangs with efi.
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  6. Thanks for all your help. I just want to make some small mods like bigger throttle body cold air intake. But didn't want to have to change a lot of other stuff. Looks like a lot of it has already been changed.
  7. Someone put a 86+ wing on it too. It has a 3rd brake light. Maybe you got lucky and the rear is swapped to an 8.8 instead of the 7.5
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  8. It has had the suspension worked on it has been lowered has the extra shocks that lay down in the rear, has the big cobra brakes on the front and disc on the rear also has a brake bias adjuster. I am slowly finding out more and more about the car. I have only had it a little over a week. Is there an easy way to tell if it is a 8.8 rear? I have no idea what wheels are on it they are 17" with 225/45/17 tires. It really grips the road almost seems to have been set up for auto cross.
  9. I think the original wheels were TRX-type, metric only. Everyone ditched the wheels because tires were no longer available, even 20 years ago. Google this: Ford TRX wheels
  10. The TRX wheels ceased production in '84. Although stylish for their time, their metric sizing made finding tires for them a PITA. My buddy actuallh had a set machined down to the standard 15" size, then widened to 9" for his twin turb0, 351 powered '82 GT. That thing flew!!!

    In 1985, the wheel of choice was the 15x7 "phone dial". There was a time that those wheels were actually desirable, believe it or not.

    The "extra shocks" that lay down are called "quad shocks". They're designed to help control wheel hop. Both the 7.5" and 8.8" rear ends got them.

    As for identifying the rear end, the diff cover will tell the story.

    The stronger 8.8" rear end had a square diff cover....


    The weaker 7.5" rear end had a more oval cover....

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  11. The wheels look like 96-98 cobra wheels from the pictures
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  12. I just looked and my car has the 8.8 which is great.. I thought the wheels were cobra but wasn't sure. All I know is this car is a real tire burner even though it is an auto. I'm 65 years old and am having fun with it. Too bad winter is coming and I have to put it up but look out spring..
  13. long as your having fun thats all that matters

    hope im still around kikn tires when im 65, 40 years to go
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  14. Those wheels are 1994-1995 Cobra wheels. The 96-97 Cobra wheels have dark painted inserts in the "circles"

    Nice car overall. Looks like a lot of work went into "updating" the car. Looks like it was very well done too
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  15. Thanks for the info.. I need a center cap for one wheel it is dented. Yeah the car seems to be done right. Next summer it will be a lot of fun.
  16. Still wished I would have bought the black on black '86 T-Top my buddy was selling back in the day when I had the chance. All of the personality of the 4-eyes and none of the bull:poo: of the carburetor.
  17. It too me a while to find the right 4 eye but I think I did. I just love the look..
  18. So they were the same wheels just with the painted inserts? I couldn't remember what the 94-95 wheels looked like. Now that you mention it I kinda remember that though.