Is This Engine Converted To Massair?

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  1. 94-97 Cobra rims are physically all the same. Difference is finish really.

    94-95 rims, polished finish

    96-97 rims, polished finish, painted inserts

    Center caps are the same, and in common with a rim used on the 2000-2004 V6 Mustang.

    The 1994 Cobra Indy 500 pace car actually uses the 96-97 Cobra rim with the painted inserts. This is actually one of those Mustang trivia things that not many people know
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  2. Thanks for the info. I have to find one center cap mine has a dent in it but do like the way the wheels look on the car all but the fronts are a little too wide and are hitting something when in a real tight turn it is a metal to metal grind noise so have to look into that. Under normal driving they are just fine. The car sat for a long time must be because the tires are flatspotted and hope it will straighten out once we get warm weather next summer.