Is This Et Slow For My Mph?

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by Auto Reverse, Jul 3, 2013.

  1. Can you guys give it to me straight and tell me if this ET is slow for my MPH? I'm running on MT ET Streets and/or Nitto NT05's. This run was with a 125 shot. Also, I have adjustable shocks and struts. When drag racing how should I set them up? Stiff or loose on certain wheels? I'm a newb at this and I just want to be as competitive as possible? I know this slip is old but the car is unchanged and I'm getting back into the hobby. Thanks for the help.

  2. Is it automatic or manual?

    With that kind of hp, you shouldn't have much trouble dropping the 60-foot down to ~1.50 which would put you around 11.30 @ 120.
  3. Manual. TKO-600. Any insight on setting up the adjustable suspension? I also want to mention I'm no running on sleeks or anything, just street trim. I've also read that when running on drag radials you don't necessarily need to do a huge burnout and launch at 4000 RPM. Is learning the sweet spot to launch by getting superior clutch and accelerator pedal action more beneficial?

    I've been called out by a lot of new Coyote 5.0's and I want to run them N/A. I've driven several friends new 5.0's, and while they're fast, it's a different feel. Hard to explain.
  4. It seems pretty spot on. Work on that 60 foot and it will be a screamer.
  5. Running quick ETs with a manual trans takes lots of practice finding the "sweet spot", as you called it. Bringing up the rpms, slipping the clutch just right, and banging those powershifts!
  6. With a 120mph trap speed you should be able to run an 11.1.
  7. 11.1...I'd be more than thrilled with that!