Is This Factory, Or Aftermarket?

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  1. I bought these some years back and finally decided something just didn't look right about them. The pony emblem sat on top of the surface instead of flush like all the others I have seen. I thought these were factory but after pulling one apart today it looks like someone just glued a chrome metal disc to a stock pony cap, then glued the emblem back on.

    Anyone else have these or maybe shed some light on them?


  2. Looks like factory chrome plastic to me
  3. It's a chrome metal disc glued to a factory plastic cap.

    Were the factory chrome caps made of all plastic?
  4. Factory center cap, but somebody mickey moused them a bit.

    The pony sits recessed even on the chrome caps
  5. Thats what i figured. Anyone have a set of beat up factory ponies? Im looking for a set to Plasti-dip
  6. I think my dad has a set of pony rims. Give him a call.