Is this going to be too much for the stock internals?

Discussion in 'SN95 4.6L Mustang Tech' started by theguyfromfaust, Dec 2, 2003.

  1. I have a bunch of stuff I want installed in the spring, and I was just wondering if the stock block is doomed to fail with these mods? Here's what I want to have installed in spring:
    FRPP heads
    FRPP intake, lightly ported with accufab single blade TB
    I am almost positive that I am going to go with SHM 2730 cams
    Vortech S-Trim
    If I ran low boost with a very rich tune, would the stock internals handle it? The car has about 50,000 miles on it. I won't have the cash for a built bottom end in the spring, but I will the year after. so I only need this car to survive like 4 months on the stock block. I'll only be driving it from May to the end of August. Or, should I hold off on installing everything until I get the bottom end forged? The only thing I'm really worried about is screwing up my heads if something does break. Another route I was thinking of going was just installing the blower and intake, that way I don't care if my old heads get screwed up. What should I do???
  2. 4 months shouldnt be a problem if you drive it nice. The tranny is what you gotta be worried about. Once you start making over 430rwhp, say goodbye to the input shafts if you drive it hard enough. Just drive it like a grandma and you'll be coo.
  3. Let me think about this ................ See the setup in my sig, after 3 months of running on that; my block said good bye. My new longblock is on the way. I would say that if you can survive the 4 months just wait. You will have a darn fast stang after everything is done. But, if you can't wait, I would do what you were thinking and just get the blower and run on the stock heads. Let me let you in on a little secret....................
    ........................... Once you feel that boost you will not be able to keep your foot out of the throttle. :nice:
  4. how much boost were you running when you grenaded the bottom end? I can't see myself staying out of the throttle all the time. What's the point in having all that power if you can't use it? What kind of boost could I run with just the intake and not the heads? Anybody know of any power numbers this kind of combo could result in?
  5. yeah bro, how much boost were you pushing??????? :shrug:
  6. I'm way late to responding to this... sorry.

    It was only 8lbs of boost.... I was hoping that my stock block would last at least a couple years.

    Oh well, Scary
  7. I've been running mine for over 18 months and around 20K miles with no problems, but the altitude and the heads take some of the sting out of it... :nice:
  8. just call DSS or D&D and be done with it....

    u may spend a lil more now...but its worth the safety and peace of mind