Is this motor worth more then 5000? HURRY

Discussion in '1994 - 1995 Specific Tech' started by moneypit94, Jan 14, 2004.

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  2. didn't you just build a motor? Man i wish i had your cash flow. It seems like a sick motor combo though. Do you know how many miles are on it?
  3. im trying to find that out right now... I am the one who broke the reserve on it and im having second doubts... I have emailed and called and still haven't gotten a responce yet...

    As far as cash flow its going to take me 6 months to pay it off
  4. I just talked to the guy on the phone and he said its been in his car for less then 200 miles.. everypiece on it is brand new. It was in a street car and not a drag car.

    Said his wife couldn't handle the power and that he is just going to put a 351 back in the car...

    Said it had unbelieveable power.. The interenalls are all forged except for the pistons.. he said he's got probably 10 G's in it.. Im not going to bid anymore but i think i can live with paying 5 for it... I might just put some low compression forged pistons in and see what she could do...
  5. I got an idea. Buy the motor and give it to me. That way there will be 2 11 second stangs representing the IL.

    EDIT: Ummm Yeah, since I just now looked at the auction, howabout I do a little sacrifise. Ill give you my motor to sell and trans maybe, then you give me your 331w/ blower. And you take the blown 418. :shrug:

    Deal. :p
  6. I think that motor is capable of 10's if not better...
  7. I wouldn't doubt it. Your gonna have fun with that motor. Ask to hear it run first or at least test drive the car with it in it. Just some tips. :nice:
  8. <img src="">

    i want my engine to look like that :drool:
  9. yeah me too... that thing is so simple looking its sickening...
  10. thast from that show RIDES isnt it, i just saw it last night an i love what he did to the intake manifold
  11. 2 hours and 9 minutes to go, looks like you might have a new engine soon. :D
  12. 10 second car?!?!?! hardly, a pro-built 418 alone is a 10 second car. But with that blower its 9's baby!!!!!! I would defintely but it. A 418 would cost way more then 5g's to build and then to forge it all and add a blower! It'll be insane. get it.
  13. oh ya and it also comes with a liquid to air barrel intercooler and A/C!!!!!!!! Theres no reason not to buy it (besides $5000)
  14. what blower is on that? I have been trying to figure that out...
  15. I sent him an email and asked him all the specifics... Here is what i got back...


    I had the engine built by Hawaii Racing. The crank is a forged crank
    and the rods are forged H Beam. I do not know the name of the
    manufacturer as I left the parts purchases up to the speed shop. The
    block was a '69 351 block with was gone thru. It was line bored and
    decked and it was deck plate bored and honed. Rods have full floating
    wrist pins. The heads are the twisted Wedge heads and you are right the
    injectors are SVO 42#. There is NO stud girdle on the bottom end. The
    Cam is an SVO "X" hydralic roller cam. It come with a forged steel, sfi
    certifed, it is produced by Center Force Clutch Company. It also has
    1.6 SVO Roller Rocker Arms. The blower was bought as a freshly rebuilt
    unit. Horsepower was estimated by Nelson Racing how did the final
    tuning on the car.

    How tough is a 69 block? I still don't know why they used hyp. pistons?
  16. holy shnikeys i just won the auction... What the heck am i going to do with another engine?

    My dad said i should find a ranger to put it in and hall my car around with it... :lol:
  17. thats easily "worth" double that assuming it comes with everything shown
  18. If I were you, I'd just take off the supercharger, sell that. Then drop that 418 into your 94. That should be more than enough power. Should be quicker than your 331/S-trim combo. Then proceed to blow up your stock tranny. I don't know what you'd do with the 331 and the S-trim....damn you might make money on the deal if you do things right.

  19. Just some quick #'s for you. Some of my 418 $'s
    Machine work=$1200
    69 block was free from step father
    Rotating assembly all eagle 4340 w/custom je slugs=$2300
    Tfs "R" heads=$1490
    probe girdle,ATI balancer,billet flywheel,canton pan,=$1100

    You get the point, you just bought all that and then some for alot less, but dont know who and exactly what went into it :shrug: Good luck man, let us know how you make out :nice:

    why hyper pistons though :nonono:
  20. I think it's worth it!
    That's why I just bid and WON the auction :lol: Thanks for the link :worship: