Is this motor worth more then 5000? HURRY

Discussion in '1994 - 1995 Specific Tech' started by moneypit94, Jan 14, 2004.

  1. congradulations on the new motor man!..

    hopefully one day i'll be as lucky as you to run accross a deal like that...

    *sigh* if only this world was perfect.. lol
  2. hmm, should i redirect my congradulations to you know?? :rlaugh:
  3. in away i was hoping somebody would do that... 5000 is a pretty big chunk of change.

    5.0 HOtrain: is the 69 block a good block i take it?.. what exactly is the stroke and bore to make 418?
  4. 69 is the strongest factory block available
  5. he was serious??????

    i thot he was joking, didnt mean to rub it in :bang:
  6. What the hell kind of supercharger is that? Maybe you should sell one of the motors and use the money for a new tranny and roll cage.
  7. no he wasn't serious... I was just stating that i was sorta hoping somebody would have bid...

    Vib: That is WindJammer i beleive... I don't know much about them but i have heard of them

    I am seriously thinking about reposting that on ebay with a good description of what it is... Even though after i get it i won't want to let it go... I think it could bring 6 or higher. We will see... Depends on how taxes and everything else come out
  8. :bang: :bang: :bang: :bang: :bang: :bang: :bang: :bang: :bang: :bang:

    ok this thread has me twisting all over here, im a little too gullable...

    ill just say nice motor and kindly exit this thread now :spot:
  9. How did you come up with all that money so fast. I read that its going to take 6 months to pay off. What do you do for a living man? I need to head your way.
  10. Im a full time student. I live with my dad (I still pay rent) but i have no other bills besides a cell phone bill.

    Because i live in IL and was on active duty i get a grant that pays for all my tuition. I also put money into the MGIB which is 1200 manditory + I added 600 more into before i got off active duty. Each month that i tend i get money back from that. I get a direct deposit for 1049 dollars each month. Now i was also in a car wreck while I was on active duty (I Wasn't driving, Hell i wasn't even awake when it happened) I got a little scaring on my face and loss of feeling right below my lower lip. So i get a check for 310 dollars a month for disablity, which goes straight to my dad for rent.

    I also work at the local teen court as a paid assistant. thats like 100 dollars every 2 weeks. There is also the map and pale grant that i somehow qualify for... I get a check from the school for about 2000 at the start of every semester.

    Needless to say with virtually no bills and and a decent source of income I can afford to do things that most 21 year old college students can't...

    Sorry for long speech... Oh and as soon as im done with colege all this freedom is going to disapear :notnice:
  11. Since the block was line bored, if you do install this in your car, MAKE SURE YOU INDEX THE BELL HOUSING!!! Typically line boring moves the crank centerline UP into the block causing a misalignment of the input shaft of the tranny and the crank. You will nee offset dowel pins to make it work. My motor is stock and I needed them to gte my indexing right with my tremec bell housing.
  12. Yeah, 69-74 are the strongest production 351 blocks, I even went to the extreme of hardblocking up to the waterpump on mine on top of the girdle and forged pieces. 4.03 bore, 4.1 stroke make 418ci. Should make around 575-600fwhp n/a :hail2: (link to motor pics)