Is This Safe To Run? (boost)

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  1. Safe is a relative term. It all depends on the tune. BTW, $5000 for that car is a bargain. The only thing I would worry about are the holley heads. They had major valve train problems which is why they stopped making them.
  2. I'd buy it!! Agreed 5000$ is a very good buy if it runs well and everything checks out. 10-12# boost is pushing it as far as durability but that is easily remedied.
  3. Providing it's not a scam, you are looking at a good deal right there. Even if it needed a motor, at that price you could still come out ahead.

    I am very uneasy about craigslist deals.... I would suggest a public meeting place to check the car out.

    Best of luck and :welcome:to:SN:
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  4. if i had $5000 i would jump on that yesterday!!
  5. Yeah, definitely go check it out. Pictures hide a lot as I discovered a couple weekends ago.
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  6. Found another scam last week while shopping. Same c6 listed in multiple cities across the country, telling people to show up with cash if looking at it.
    I'm all but done with craigslist
  7. Looks like a nice car and deal. 10-12 psi is fine for that setup
  8. Like everyone else here has said for $5k id be all over that (given everything checks out). If I had sold my car last week I might have just stolen this out from under you lol. Just remember RI state doesnt give titles so you will need the registered owner to get a special paper from their motor vehicles dept so you can get a new title from the state where you decide to register the car. Ask me what a nightmare that can be.
  9. I run 12 pounds. Dont hurt a thing with a good tune. Infact it seems to like it. Im about to purchase an 8" crank pulley and bump it up to 15. Lol
  10. Even the personals!?