Is This Stang Worth Keeping?

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  1. I just bought a 2003 supercharged Mustang Cobra SVT Terminator convertible for $12,500 with a lot of mileage on it (118,000). It is supposedly a rare edition, it's number 834 of 5082. I don't like the milage on it and I'm afraid that the engine is going to give out soon. One of my friend's is saying that I should have gotten the 2005 and up body style, of course I can't afford the newer Mustangs.

    Do y'all think this Mustang is a keeper? I have had it inspected by two certified mechanics and they both said it was a good choice.

    Also, about how many miles can you expcet on a full tank on a supercharged model like this one? It has 390 hp, I believe, so I wouldn't expect many miles. The only complain thus far is that the interior quality sucks even though it is in decent condition.
  2. So you're asking if the car is worth it AFTER you bought it?
  3. Yeah, some money I've got was burning a hole in my pocket, I made a big impulse buy. It's the first fast car that I've owned. I'll try to post some pics when I get a chance.
  4. I don't see anything wrong with he mileage. These motors were built to last, especially the 03/04 Cobra motor. Sounds like you got one hell of a deal
  5. Gas mileage depends on how you drive it, especially around town. EPA was 15 and 22, but I usually get a little over 20 around town (not too many lights where I drive), and 25 on the highway with mine. There are pros and cons to all cars, terminators hold their value better than most, and are certainly fun to drive.
  6. I think it's a great deal man. 118xxx is low, and you have a mustang that is faster than 05-09 gt's for a hell of a lot cheaper. I don't even think new 5.0's are faster. Gas mileage I have no clue never owned one. Change that supercharger to a whipple and let that cobra become a beast.
  7. This isn't 1965 where 100K miles is the end of life for a car.

    Inmy opinion, as car quality has increased, 200K is now the new 100K. I know PLENTY of people driving their cars to 200K and beyond. My daily driver has 140K on it, and i take it weekly on 100+ mile trips.

    My 2003 GT was sold with 100K on it, and was running great. No doubt in my mind it would have gone well past 150K with little trouble.

    What special rare model cobra is this? Is it a 10th anniversary edition?
  8. Where you located..... Wanna sell it?
  9. The sticker above the shifter says Cobra Terminator, so I guess it's the fact that it's a terminator model? I'm not sure, it's not very clear. I'm new to Mustangs, and I will say that I think all the types of mustangs out there are very confusing. As far as I know it's not a 10th anniversary edition.

    I kind of regret the impulse buy I made, I go between wanting to sell it and keep it everyday since I bought it. So yes, I may want to sell it. I'm in the Dallas area, actually technically Lubbock, Texas. I moved to Lubbock a few months ago but I doubt I'll be here very long. I'll probably be back in Dallas in not too long. Who knows.

    Any of y'all know if the normal GT's that are the same age as my car and the newer GT's ('05 and up) still pretty fast or are they no comparison to the supercharged Cobra? Interestingly, when I bought the car the guy at the dealership told me that the '01 non-supercharged Cobra was faster than the one I own. I didn't buy the '01 Cobra because of the ugly body kit on it even though it had 75,000 miles on it vs. 118,000 on mine.
  10. I will buy it!!! Lol, yes, keep it!
  11. Who ever told you that an 01 cobra could beat you is just stupid. The newest mustangs out there are going to have a hard time pulling on you. Upgrade your pulley, or get a whipple super charger and not many people can touch you. Just look up your car on YouTube. Me personally love terminators, you have full forged internals, great interior, an iconic cobra, best of all a sexy black convertible. Don't let any one put down your car. Your car is 390rwhp vs an 01 at 320 crank hp lol no competition. An 05-09 gt 305 crank hp. Not sure on the newest 5.0 but I think it is 420 crank hp. Some one back me up lol
  12. I'll agree that modern cars hold up to mileage much better than the older cars would. In the 60's, 100k and you are doing very well to get there. As we got to the 80s, it seemed like you could get 150-180k miles before it was just shot. Now, fleet vehicles are regularly taken to 3-400k without major overhauls of the engine.
    I still daily drive my 97 GT and it has 219k miles. Seems to be just as reliable as when I started driving it at 100k. The key again is maintenance. Take care of her, and she'll take care of you for up to 3-400k miles.
  13. Was never an official "terminator" designation from Ford. It was just a project name.

    Sounds like a previous owner added the sticker. The only special model Cobra was the 10th anniversary

    As for the dealer saying an 01 cobra is faster?? WTF? A 320HP N/A Cobra beating an underrated 490HP supercharged cobra?? The 05+ GT only has 300HP and the 2012+ with the 5.0 has 412HP. Short of a GT500, not much is going to keep up with a well-tuned 03-04 Cobra. Chip, pulley and exhaust and you'll be putting down over 500HP to the wheels.

    I'm confused by your concern. This car should be scaring the crap out of you when you drive it. I searched for prices for 2003 Cobras, and found that with the same mileage, they were listed for $18K-23K. You said you got yours for $12K?? If so, you either got a HUGE discount, or you didn't buy a 2003 Cobra. Do you have any pictures?
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  14. no he does not have pictures because the whole thread is bull:poo:
  15. No pics by the end of this week I call bs with Kilgore, just like the cobra r guy with the over heating problem lol.
  16. Here's the pics, I'm not bull:poo:ting you guys. It's a 390hp 2003 Ford Mustang Cobra SVT convertible. The sticker says if it's hard to read: 2003 Cobra Terminator Build Date 7/26/2002 Build # 834 of 5082. It's a shame it's not #1-#10. Sorry about posting this so late, I've been very busy with work and the rest of my life. 20140201_170205(0).jpg 20140201_170100.jpg 20140201_170122.jpg 20140201_170249.jpg 20140201_171810.jpg 20140201_171835.jpg 20140201_170141.jpg 20140201_170205(0).jpg
  17. clean engine immediately...
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  18. So do you still call bs on me? The engine bay doesn't seem too bad, but it could be cleaner.