Is This Stang Worth Keeping?

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  1. Looks fine to me
  2. nope now I say nice cobra bro! welcome to the club :)
  3. Awww, new friends. :whine:

    Nice ride, definitely worth keeping. Welcome to the forum.
  4. You sir got yourself a good deal.

    That plate by the shifter is not factory. There was a place that made those plates and early circa 2003-2006 or so many owners added them.

    Supercharger pulley cover is removed. Unsure if that is a stock pulley. Looks like it.
  5. Dang, I wish that sticker was real, that sucks.

    I may have gotten a good deal but I only have been getting about 165 miles on a full tank. I thought I would be getting about 200 or maybe a little more. I definitely didn't do my research on it, it was a huge impulse buy. I used to think that it was fast and now I'm getting used to the power and now it seems kinda slow to me, it no longer scares me when I punch it. Isn't it funny how humans are, we keep on wanting more and more and more. It's never good enough for us is it?
  6. 165 miles on the tank means you can't keep your foot out of it. If you want to keep it nice and not a parts car, you gotta learn self control Daniel son!
  7. If we all had good self control, we wouldn't be part of the car hobby.
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  8. just the wrong platform for mpg...... ive got 2 turbo pintos,,, one runs 12s in the quarter and gets 27 mpg and the other runs 10s in the quarter and gets 25mpg......its all about what you want and how to get there.....
  9. Not one, but two turbo Pintos... :cool:
  10. I'll keep all of you posted on the mpg I get this tank. I am trying my hardest not to floor it and drive that crap out of it.
  11. Looks like you got a deal. If I had it I would only sell it to make a big profit. The pulley shroud is gone which is a sign it has had a smaller (more boost) pulley on it. How does it run? Any rear end noises? If it has been ran hard the independent rear suspension bushings are usually shot and will be noisy.
  12. It runs quite well, the only complaint I have and my mechanic had is that when it is shifted there is a very slight thud. My mechanic said that it could be the transmission mounts. The convertible top also leaked a lot of air and water, so I jerry rigged it with a foam rubber seal. That fixed the air leak, now I have to do a water test at the coin operated car wash. Lastly the belts have started to squeak a little, hopefully that's no big deal.

    I'm still driving it to see how many miles it gets on a full tank, I'm not quite there yet. I'll update on the mpg in a little bit.
  13. put on a new serpentine belt and the squeak will go away
  14. It is rare in a sense, silver is the 1st or 2nd rarest color for convertable termi's i forget.
    Nothing wrong with the mileage inherently, those internals are forged and likely to hold up quite well. Those pistons are 4032 alloy which is a forged alloy that lends itself to longer life as far as forged pistons go.
  15. Time for a tune up on that Cobra if you are getting bad mpg. It may have aftermarket gears but shouldn't affect it that much. Also a good detail job along with the tune up and it will look 100% again!
  16. $12k for a Termi? Off of a lot? I've never seen such a deal, they go for $18k and up all day around here. How's the title on the vehicle? If I drove past a dealership and saw that vehicle, for that price, I would immediately have serious questions. Based on the pictures it certainly looks legitimate, but I'd want to dig deeper.