Is this sub-forum needed? POLL

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SHould there be a 94-95 talk AND tech section?

  1. Yes, there should be two seperate forums

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  2. No, leave talk and tech in ONE forum as before

    7 vote(s)
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  1. I personally don't feel this sub "talk" forum is needed, so I decided to start a poll to see who agrees with me and who doesn't. I think it should just STAY THE WAY IT WAS!!! Let me know what you think...
  2. I vote NO we don't need this crap
  3. I vote YES you do need this.
  4. what the **** is up with this? Who the **** are we cleaning the tech forum up for, ourselves? Why do we have to please the owner? Your the one benifiting from our traffic and being on the damn forums, so why drive us out. The reason we're on here so much is we can post stuff not exactly related to stangs.
  5. ever since these changes (making someone who doesn't even post often a moderator :nonono: )
    every one has been mad and doesn't bother answering questions

  6. You're using it very well so far :shrug:
  7. I like having everything in one place. The 94-95 section is generally the only section I visit on Stangnet and I would like to keep it that way.
  8. only because if he posts this in the tech section it'll be locked/moved/banned

    this place (stangnet) sucks now....not even fun anymore :nonono:
  9. thanks pat...i swear if mauburn comes in here and tells us to stop complaining cause we got what we wanted...this is NOT what we wanted.
  10. i'm trying to figure out who said they wanted it :shrug:
  11. Not on here much any more but Traffic has dropped in this forum alot and not as much fun any more so ****'n Go back to the way it was.... PLZ !
  12. We dont want this :nonono: It was great before..
  13. Poor souls :(
  14. My vote is 'YES'. See tech area for my reasons.
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