is this to good to be true???

Discussion in 'SN95 V6 Mustang Tech' started by mustangmat99, Apr 19, 2004.

  1. im getting...well depending on the results of this thread i guess i will see if im getting an 00 has this in it....

    1. Procharger P1SC Intercooled Supercharger w/ 11psi boost.
    2. MAC cat-back exhaust system
    3. '99 Lightning 80mm Mass Air Meter
    4. 38# fuel injectors (stock are 19#)
    5. 255 lph fuel pump
    6. SPEC stage 1 heavy duty clutch
    7. Autometer A-pillar gauge pod with Autometer Lunar series Boost and Air/Fuel ratio gauges
    8. Autologic Chip custom tuned by Panhandle Performance
    9. 2001 Cobra polished 17x8" wheels with BFGoodrich Comp T/A ZR rated tires
    10. Fresh tuneup with Bosch Plug wires and NGK iridium spark plugs.

    it has bout 48000 miles on it..hes only wanting 8,500 obo, well i offered 9000, i thought wow isnt that kinda low for that car with all that on it, because i know stock u can get it for that price, he says unless ur in the market for the supercharger ur not gonna want it, makes sense cause i had a jacked up truck that i didtn get half of what i put into it back, my question, is this deal to good to be true? everything adds up, makes sense, only problem with the car he says is the clutch needs to be broken in, so coming out of first it kinda vibrates, as well as the syncro in 5th is sticky so it kinda grinds..he says he has all the parts to return it to stock if i wanted to, so i mean, should i think anything is fishy? just looking for some insight
  2. if you dont buy it gimme his number man
  3. Sounds like a good deal on the surface, but I'm sure with the addition of a supercharger on a stock engine its lifespan is probably reaching its end much quicker then one without.

    Only bummer to that car on the performance side is the fact it doesn't have ported heads / intakes / cam, which would make a HUGE difference with the SC on there.

    Plus a Stage 1 clutch is nothing spectacular, which I imagine is slightly stronger then stock but that doesn't say much.
  4. i planed on getting the heads ported and a new cam
  5. With a supercharger on there, dont expect it to raise the value. I know I would not pay a dime extra for a mustang with a blower compared to the exact same one without it. You just never know whats happening or has happened to the engine. Best thing to do is take it for a test drive and then if you are satisfied but really anal, maybe do a comp and/or leakdown test. Other than that, if it loks good to ya and it drives well, then go for it.
  6. Have a mechanic check the car out for you first. That's the best thing you can do as far as getting an idea of how it is holding up to the mods.
  7. im an all go for it, nothign is holding my back im taking a bus from beaumont texas to baton rouge la on monday and getting it, i was just wondering what otheres thought
  8. I think that a fool and his money are soon parted.

    When you get there, take it to a machanic before you slap down a wad of cash for the car first.
  9. i had respect for ya, you were helping me out on this thread and others...until you called me a fool
  10. people and assumptions...when did i ever say i wasnt already going to do that? eh well
  11. No one was calling you a fool. Rather one is a fool for not checking these things out first before throwing one's money away.

    Don't be that guy.
  12. Thank you Tyler for being able to comprehend the English language!
  13. Good luck you're probably going to need it. Personally I would never ever buy a car with those kind of heavy mods. I mean I drive my car hard and it's only got my mods...If I had a blower oh man... :D
  14. I would buy it subject to mechanical inspection. Atlblue2000 was right, a leak down test and compression test would tell you what kind of shape the pistons and valves are in, if they were cool I would pick it up. Those could give you an idea if he has driven it hard or not. If the bottom end is still holding up then it is a good deal.
  15. well with only 48k on it it couldn't be on its last leg quite yet, but you never know what people will do...
  16. well with only 48k on it it couldn't be on its last leg quite yet, but you never know what people will do...
  17. I just mean how much of that 48k is with the blower and how hard has it been run.
  18. from the emails and the punctuality (i see i comprehended that one though eh? its called ignorance..not not understanding the language, i never heard that saying or whatnot, so i took as if you were calling me a fool..back to the post..) he shows towards me about the car, i really see no reason why it wouldnt be a good idea, everything hes saying stacks up, my freind who knows a good deal about superchargers and fords is coming with me and is going to look over it, hes no mechanic but its better then just me, i just read something bout someone wanting a SC and they saying that if its sounds to good to be true it probably is, and it just got me thinking, my minds pretty much already made up, maybe im stupid, but i once sold a perfectly good truck for WAY less then should have, and had WAY to much cool ***** in it for WAY less then i should have, so who knows
  19. hes put 12,000 miles on it sense the supercharger, hes giving me all the factory peices to put back on if i so choose, hes selling it to pay off her student loans and because he just bought a new truck
  20. All they are trying to tell you is don't go down there with the mentality that this guy has already sold his car. Just because you go down there, don't be afraid to come back without it. Make sure you take it for a nice long test drive, get on it a bit to make sure you dont hear any signs of detonation under boost, and make sure that the rest of the ride checks out as well.

    Noone is trying to insult ya, bud. Just trying to keep you from getting burned. :nice: