Iskwezm's turbo kit

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  1. So this is what it looked like in the beginning. Had to change his radiator to a driver side exit. He already had a cross flow, so I moved the bottom exit to the driver side and put a divider in the radiator and made it a double pass cross flow.He has a drive side inlet like a GM to begin with.


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  2. I wish I had nice paint, but I'd be afraid to work on it. Is the lift there to get the old headers out? Or the new ones in? I am looking forward to more progress pics.
  3. sweet. :nice:

    Parts are on the way and girlfriend should be reading this right about now and throwing my sh** out of my house:rlaugh:
  4. Cant wait to see that when its done! Really nice car Iskwezm. You prolly dont remember me but I spoke with u at Cruisn' Brea. Hmmm..... I wonder if Dustin and Rich will let me test drive it when its done? :nono: :rlaugh:
  5. we can take you on a test drive... if your lucky:rlaugh:
  6. I'll be lurking to see if you move into a new house....:rlaugh:

    and to see the finished product of course...
  7. I'd like to see the radiator mods. I want a crossflow, but without the funky hose routing needed to convert from same side inlet/outlets.
  8. Yeah well, maybe when I get the money, in like ten years or so, I'll have a turboed stang too.
  9. Yeah i rememebr you:)
  10. If you wanted a cross flow and didn't want to change anything from the way it came from the factory... you buy a cross flow with the inlet in the stock location and the outlet on the driver side. Move the bottom outlet to the other side. Now they are on the same side like factory. Now to keep the water from coming straight down the end tank and straight back into the motor without being cooled, you put in a block off plate. That will send it across the fins, down the end tank and across the fins on the way back to the motor. So it passes across the fins twice. I'll try to get a pic still to clarify.
  11. Try this. It a camera phone though.


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  12. wow, nice :)

    Im assuming you already saw the "pipe plug" on the bottom of the water pump, that should make it a little easier to do the side to side swap.

    you think the lower hose will still work???

  13. Thanks. :nice: I knew what you meant, I was just curious how you did it.
  14. Nope, that bugger tore coming off. Did you use voodoo glue or what ?:rlaugh: I saw the pipe plug, but need the spano wrench to take the tube off the other side.
  15. I'm jelous!

    Looking forward to seeing the progress pics...
  16. I usually put white greaso on my hoses, thing must run so hot it melted:rlaugh:

    on the oulet, i just used a pair of snap wring pliers real carefully, but it had paste thread sealant so it might be tight.
  17. Not for too long though.:rolleyes:
  18. Parts should be a little closer now :), still waiting though
  19. Cool. Waiting on a turbo to finish it up. Headers are in. Once I have the turbo,I can finalized the crossover, place the turbo and then start the DP. Then start hacking that road race pan of yours.
  20. here she is:nice:
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    dont mind the furniture, that all my ****, g/f threw me out, but i got a turbo:rlaugh: