Iskwezm's turbo kit

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  1. It's also a matter of how much money and how many bandaids are worth putting into a stock block when there are now multiple aftermarket block options.
  2. some people like to go stupid fast for little cash. Imagine I already have a built motor, but don't want to "change blocks?" considering all the rest of the work has been done on the original one, and I wouldn't want to take it out of the car.
  3. 1steveklevalarge.jpg

    The pic is from the, which makes the hoods. (I think Bill Maier claims to have made the first "cowl induction" hoods for Mustangs.)

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  4. A 351w ? Your on your own dude.:lol: I was cussing the whole time at Mario making these. It could do it. But it would be different than anything I've shown here. It would look more like newer kit with headers going back, under, then forward.
  5. To me it is like putting a bandaid on your elbow when your knee is what is hurt. If you catch it early, the cracks are only between the mains and the cam bore. I see no benefit in either girdle.

  6. Doesn't look too bad. Not a fan of the flared spoiler and needs some larger wheels with a lil more drop. Going to Maier's site and reading up on the car it's a 19 yo student's car. I really like the hood though. I don't think it'd look too bad on my coupe once it's slammed, turbo'd, and has some nice wide meat in the rear. Probably tint out my windows too.

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  7. Well guys I'm hoping by the time I roll around to getting this kit there will be an IC unit for it. Also due to my 9.5:1 CR I think I'm going w/ a homebuilt trunk mounted water/meth injection. Straight up 50/50 mix. I've heard some negative things about the windshield washer fluid and water/meth would be cheaper and allow me to know I'm getting 50% mix every time. Also I think I'm gonna go w/ a 2 gallon reservoir so I don't have to worry about it running dry. Then make it boost activated as this will see most of it's time on the street but some on the track to. On the street I'll probably make it activate at around 6 pounds and at the track...most like at 2 or 3 pounds.

    The end result will allow me to have a cooler running car, cooler flowing air, more timing and boost on 93 pump gas, and a peace of mind on my stock block.
  8. The 351W has a little more meat in it to withstand a lil more power no? And I do agree, the engine is about as big as you want to go in a stock 666-on. Maybe with a MII and 2 T4 turbos with AW IC. But then the stock block wont take it, then I would get a dart block, well while im there I might as well install a scat forged crank and rods, then replace the hypereutectics with forged pistons. Oh yeah I can get the heads ported. . . . wait i can just do a big block then, with a couople turbos and methanol injection. Oh yeah then the spray. . .

    If I acted on every wish I made, my car would lay down 1000 hp and prolly 10 times as much in $$$