Iskwezm's turbo kit

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  1. Good to see you have your priorities straight! :hail2: :Track:
  2. And I thought you were joking!
  3. eh, she could care less.:shrug:
  4. what is needed for fab in this kit? didn't you already make all the hot side parts?
  5. The headers and crossover are made. But, I don't make the final connection on the crossover until I mount it to a motor.I think that is where alot of companies run into problems. After expansion and contraction of welding, then sanding the headers flat, stuff can be off even if it was perfect in the jig. Especially the headers. If you sand .025 off each header flange to straighten it out after welding, the crossover needs to be .050 shorter. See what I mean ? So I mount everything,line it up, and the slide one tube in and out of the flex pipe to make sure it's perfect. To an extent, each one is a little "custom."

    What do you mean "needed for fab?" Like to the car I assuming ?
    It's supposed to bolt right in. I've run into two small problems on this car. His motor sits a little farther forward than my test car. So I've had to trim a little of the sway bar mount a little, and I'll need grind about 1/16 in off the large hump on the shock tower to keep it from rubbing at all. really sucks. They fit the jigs, they fit the test car, but his shock towers at 1/2 in tighter than my car. I saw a car yesterday at our shop that was 1/2 wider than my test car. I made the headers as tight as they can be made. You even had to trim a tab off the block, they are so tight. But 40 year old technology and 40 years of twist make it hard to fit 100 percent of the cars perfectly.
  6. Nice...keep it coming. I still have the 65 that needs an operational (boosted) engine...
  7. nice idea with the flex tubing to accomodate the variation. Is this one going to be non-intercooled with the carb? I can't wait till you do an EFI/ methanol injected or intercooled install. Can you say 4 digit horsepower? lol :)

    what turbo is that? A/R? still a little new to turbos but I sure look forward to seeing this one. hopefully with vids :)
  8. T-70 AR.96
  9. [QUOTE=mrmustangman357;7045671 I can't wait till you do an EFI/ methanol injected or intercooled install. Can you say 4 digit horsepower? lol :)

    You'll have to wait until the 88dragtop turbo kit post:D . I've begun my megasquirt II conversion. Sorry guys, didn't mean to jack your thread.:nono:

    I wonder if you could loosen the tower braces, jack the car up by the crossmember, and then re-tighten the braces while it's in the air. Maybe it would flex and you could get more room:shrug:
    Just a thought.
  11. I was up at the shop yesterday...looking at the stupid big blower for the 'vert that is going to require cutting into the inside fender on the driver's side...wishing for turbo instead! sigh...too many bad decisions.

    Anyone interested in a Procharger D2 blower + mounts/pulleys for a 351W? Great price available!

    KB 2.2 blower? Got that sitting around as well...I am a (broke!) moron...


    Thanks for all of the good work!
  12. Send me a PM for the D2. I know of a guy "looking" but don't know how serious he is.

    It was only a bad decision if you bought it after I was making the kits for your car. But I don't think that was the case.:rlaugh:
  13. Well, I'm getting somewhere.

    Should get the turbo this morning and start to tinker again.

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  14. .97? wow is that a bit big? Geez I can't wait to see what kind of power this thing will put out.
  15. .96 is actually perfect for this size motor. Depending on how well the cam reacts 500 hp should be pretty easy with 9psi. It should see over 400 rwhp with that boost level.
  16. :nice:
  17. Dustin,
    Can you give me some points of measurement to make between the towers to the shock supports or something.

    I don't knock the blow-thru but I just choose to do the EFI thing for tunability and data logging. I want to be able to go to the track, dump race gas in, up the boost (electronically), and load a race tune. Forget the nah sayers, it can be done with a carb

    can you pm any pics of the issue. my friend is trying to SC a 351 66
  18. ANY NEW PICS???:shrug:
  19. Eh, EFI would nice. I do like proving people wrong though. I'm just kinda that way. More people that say no, the faster I wanna go. I had a guy tell me the other day I'm at the limit for no IC. I told him I know of a guy (Paul302) that runs 9's without one. Then politely asked him how fast he wanted to go.
    I measured from the the front mounting hole of the shock supports. I have 34in from side to side.

    I'm trying Mario. I have the turbo mounted, the camera isn't playing nice though. I did get a package wrapped in Tial stickers today. :)
  20. Hopefully they are the correct parts. You said get the 1 BAR spring right (14.7 psi):rlaugh: