Iskwezm's turbo kit

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  1. Yes, but I did promise that it would only make one good pull, then your on your own.:D

    More better, camera worky now. :chacha:

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  2. Wow that is beautiful!!

    I want one for my 65'. I'm only ~50-60ish miles from you.
  3. As long as you have 4 good working jack stands. :lol:
  4. Nice! What is the car in the background?
  5. 63 comet we did some work to. Rebuild door hinges, add fan switch, rebuild steering and what not. Disc upgrade later.Word is starting to get around locally, and we just might make it.
  6. Just wait till after Route 66(if my car is done and paid for:rolleyes: ) and see how much word of mouth you get:nice:

    I MIGHT do the Labor Day Cruise in Costa Mesa( if i dont have any other projects going on.
  7. I'm counting on it.:lol:
  8. here are some pics of the waste gate tube and other progress that has been made


    working on the cold side now so check back in a hour or so.

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  9. inlet3qi4.jpg
    Mario, think that's the best location for the BOV. EASILY seen without being have a few hours to yea, or nay until I put it on. I have some other things I can do first.

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  10. sure. isn't your hotside hanging down a little bit in front?
  11. Yes, but everyone wants their cake, and eat it,too. It's the only way to get around the sway bar, while keeping P/S. It looks low, and is, but I've never hit my Down pipe and neither has Rich. It is in front of the tire centerline. So it will be over a bump and way out of danger when the tire passes over it. At its lowest point, it's just infront of the tire centerline, and goes up the farther away it goes. Anybody acting enough of a fool can hit it, but you'll drag long tube headers long before this.
  12. i just want to tell you that is the most beautifull thing i have ever seen, i am sitting here on my couch with my room mate and his girlfriend watching tv and i go OH MY GOD THAT IS SEXY.....they both kinda looked at me like...umm whatch ya looking up roomate knew it was cars but i think might have freaked out his girl a little haha but anyways that is amazing work and i wish i had enough money so i could have you do this haha congrats on the work tho and i will look forward to more updates, oh yes and how is the shop going if you dont mind me asking?
  13. Hey thanx a lot man. She needs a few more things. Put the oil pan back, and run a little more down pipe, and paint the headers now that everything is fit.
    In the past week and a half things have really picked up. We now even booking cars a few days out because we are backed up. So we are pretty excited, so far so good.
  14. that looks we gonna make Route 66 in 2 weeks:D
  15. you just need a g/f that says "well how much more do you need?" when she sees you all depressed:nice:
  16. Shouldn't be a problem, but you Murphy. I'm really tryin to fire it today, and take it to a show. It's the last day already for some reason. They usually go longer, but thye are cutting it short this year for some reason. It'll be going open DP if it goes. Not gonna have the time to get it all done today. But loud cars draw attention. :D
  17. let me know how loud it is:nice:

    did you figure something out for the alternator???(batteries are probably way dead too, might also be a little low on gas)
  18. haha funny thing is my girlfriend always offers me money but i wont take it from her lol me being 19 and her 18 kinda makes it as though both us need the money but she is an amazing girl for sure but good to hear about the shop, if i ever am headed around there i might just have to stop in and check it out if it worked for you...not saying i would be around anytime soon just a thought, but again i am glad to hear about your shop is getting busy to where your backed up ..that is definatly a good thing, keep us up on the pictures
  19. Sweet... That looks killer. :nice:

    Are you going to Dyno it to see what the numbers are?

  20. Dunno, maybe. have to ask the boss. I wanna get it tuned so it's safe to play with.