Iskwezm's turbo kit

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  2. Wondering if Bottlefed is getting ancy yet ? ;)
  3. I know I am:D

    is it alive yet???
  4. That is sexy... Maybe I'll save up my money for that instead of paint. :D
  5. Almost, just trying to get things done, like move the solenoid and what not. Tapped the bonnet for your fuel pressure line...etc.

    Mistress, GET PAINT !!!! It's a downward spiral:rlaugh:
  6. if you need to , move the overflow to the fron of the core support if theres no room.

    im curuious to how its gonna sound( and run:D )

    yeah, do as we say, not as we do:eek:
  7. The over flow isn't going back on. That needs a new home. LIke the ouside of the apron or something.
  8. what about the alternator?
  9. You can probably just buy a normal bracket, and use spacers to put it where it should go. Spacers where the water pump would have been. Did that March setup come available for the V-belt setup ?
  10. So it finally runs, and leaks. Mario I tried a one piece gasket and the thing is leaking pretty good at the pan and timing chain cover. :mad: And your pan doesn't just drop. I have to seperate the trans and motor again to get the pan down. I hate 5 speeds. I haven't finished the Dp, but it's still relatively quiet considering it doesn't have any exhaust. After it fired we got a little smoke from the headers curing, and it still looks great so far. Carb needs some serious tuning though. Once it clears up the tires come loose at about half throttle.
  11. that was the problem with the blower, the carb was just to rich.

    slap some clear silicone (a lot)on the pan like it was, i thought it was sloppy, but i guess FPS did it for a reason.

    looks like its gonna be a very tight 2 weeks.

    hows it running with no alternator???are the batteries charged?
  12. You guys found out the hard way the one piece gasket only works on a late style dual sump pans with the stiffening rails.

    Early style cars with early style pans need the early style 4 piece oil pan set, BUT you can get one that has better (non-cork) gaskets.
  13. Lol, you know me too well! :rlaugh:

    Mario's car looks like it's coming along very well. Can you snap another pic from further back that shows how low the crossover is in respect to the ground? I might just say "screw the sway bar" if it's a little too low or looks funny.

    Great job tho! See now if he only had a megasquirt ECU and a wideband, tuning would be easy. :p
  14. Never seen them leak like this. It's leaking just in the front, not even in the back. It's a Canton pan to boot. It's always worked for me, even on knock off pans like mine.:shrug:

    It's running fine for now with no alt. But I only took it for a small spin.
  15. i like doing things the hard way.:rolleyes:
  16. put a slow charge on the batteries and then see how the cooling works and see how it runs, and give me your honest opinion:nice:

    the jets in there now are 78/84's.
  17. Got me. When I put mine on, I prelubed the engine on the stand and it leaked on the floor.

    I'd call Canton and ask them what they want you to use.
  18. It's going to be stupid. I don't have the guage hooked up, and 5 speed cars don't usually see boost in first gear....especially with your gearing. If feels great, and is probably on 0 vacuum, 0 boost.

    Damn Craig. At least you found out when it was on the stand. Little easier to do it then, than in the car.:D
  20. I talked to PC, and they said you might have a street pump...? But said it wouldn't be good enough for 10 psi. Then I asked about the carb, and said there was no emulsion in the carb, yet it had .025 air bleeds in it. Something ain't right. It's running, abut needs the DP finished, then get the muffler put on, fix the fan, etc. If it needs all this, and to be dynoed and be safe when it leaves, I don't know bout this weekend.