Iskwezm's turbo kit

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  1. Dont even tell me that they said the pump wasnt capable.that pump was $600 bucks. I will have a problem with them if thats the case since they sold me that pump for the engine combo that THEY even worked on.this is the specs on the pump:
    310 Gallons per hour ,supports 900+ HP
    25 - 33 PSI (pre-set)
    (Approx. 28 PSI max @ 12 Volts)
    (Approx. 33 PSI max @ 16 Volts)
    External -8 AN bypass (non-adjustable)
    Cleanable filter
    Alcohol compatible
    Works with 12 or 16 volts
    7 Vane impeller
    Hex Drive Armature Shaft
    -12 AN boss O-ring inlet & outlet ports
    Continuous duty
    2 Year Parts & Labor Warranty

    the only other solution if it cant be picked up this weekend(sunday), is if you can deliver it to me next week before friday.Other then that, Route 66 wouldnt be possible.
  2. Wow, just threw up in my mouth a little bit.:lol: I just asked them about it, and they said they couldn't remember. And I haven't looked at it. That was there guess. If it gets dynoed, I can certainly tell you. If it will go to 25-33 psi before it internally bypasses, you should be fine as far as capability of the pump is concerned.
  3. the whole carb problem has left a bad taste in my mouth for them so any problems now for the parts they sold me would not be a good thing:notnice:
  4. Paint it is... :rlaugh: I'll just live vicariously through you guys. :nice:
  5. Most definetly cheapet that way. :) You make it out this way, I'll give you a ride n mine though.
  6. Sweet, I keep trying to get down to Knotts Berry for the Ford day. I could always take a few extra hours to get down there. :D

    I saw a video of Richards 67, and that thing is just fricking sick.
  7. I could go for a ride in yours, I'm only 40 minutes away:D
  8. No problem. Just don't hold me accountable. The last 3 out of 4 people that have had test drives are now prepping for turbo kits. 1 65 mustang, 1 65 el camino, and 1 fox body. I have one kit to send to canada before I start those though.
  9. :nice: You're going to make a sucessful business out of this yet!
  10. Yeah, only problem is it's starting to take off just as we started another company. I don't have nearly the time I used to. It's 945pm, and I'm still at work.....for the second day in a row.:(
  11. That does suck.

    Well, I guess it's better to have too much work instead of too little. :shrug:

    You may have to look into hiring someone....
  12. Look at the bright side. If you had no work... If I was not 1800 miles away, I would help out for free given my current situation.
  13. Most certainly better. We've made enough money so far, we bought a lift last night. Used, but no more lying down.:flag:

    Brian, I would certainly take it.:lol:
  14. Alright so the news is poor Mario became part of the HG club before he even drove or saw the car. I was taking it to a show locally and leaned onto a little bit, like I've done before, and pop.....Death smoke of the rear of the car for 200ft. No, really, 200 ft. Worst coolant consumption I've ever seen. I was feeling really bad it happened, but there was more than one contributing factor here. The gaskets and stock head bolts. Then after we pulled the heads, found this. Flat top pistons in a stroker motor equals high CR. 10.37-1 actually. The machine shop said they would fix it. There was confusion on whether the heads were to be ported. The combustion chambers where to be opened up, and a flat top would have been good for about 9.3. Thing is she never got ported. She now has head studs, and SCE gaskets. We'll keep the boost low and a safe tune with a snow kit and call it a day.
    While in the saw rtv on the HG's which is a no no. It was blocking all the steam holes except for the one that blew. And by the looks off it was probably the same.


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  15. im sure the crowd was like, "waaaaaaaaaa...." . Good to hear the project is rolling and getting worked out, and I'm glad your business is up
  16. Let must just thank Dustin and Richard for all the work they did to get my car ready for the show.They left no bolt unturned and the work is very thorough.We(they) didnt finish till about 2:00 am:eek: After a test drive with little/no boost, I AM HOOKED!!!!! Im gonna scare a few people and its not even Halloween yet. We got home at about 4:15 am from towing it and i blew off work just to start it up at 8:30 and wake the neighbors. I am going to try my hardest to keep my foot out of till i get Methed' out.
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    sewer pipe Borla sounds nasty

    oh yeah, let it idle for about 15-20 minutes on the trailer, never hit 180*:shrug:

    Bottlefed70, Dustin is working on your heards, I promise:flag:

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  17. Yeah, :lol: . I told him to wait and see how many people stand around the car. He thought it was bad before ? Now 1/4 of the people looking at it will think it's a supercharger(no really, some people really don't know.) Another 1/4 will think you can't do that with a carb. Another 1/4 will say you have to have an intercooler. And the last 1/4 will be divided with people that are scratching their heads, oohs and awws, and then the people that can't believe someone actually made headers to fit 10 pounds of crap in a 5 pound sack.

    Damn mario. You are tired. All kinda miss spelled words. Take a nap !!:rlaugh: :rlaugh: Glad your happy, have (SAFE) fun with it.
    ( Amazing how cooling works when hole aren't blocked by RTV eh ? :bang: )
  18. So I have a spare 302 lying around, if I send it to the machine shop to be turned into a 347, should I have them put dished pistons in it so that when I drop it into my car then drag my painted car down there to have the turbo installed, I won't have to worry about the engine going KA-BLOOEY!! while bombing down 5? :rlaugh:

    That install looks awesome, congrats to all involved. :nice:
  19. Yeah, dished piston's are a must. Or huge combustion chambers. Make sure to paint that thing orange. I went on 3 test drives, and once to get gas in the thing. Everybody and there mother stared at it. I felt like "the man" for a few minutes there. But it sucks to hear "nice car" and have to say it ain't mine.:(
  20. I got a hour sleep.My dad called to make sure to drive in from Eastern Arizona for the show.Woke me up at 6:45. Then the g/f woke me up, thought she wanted nookie:nice: .......................turns out she wanted me to paint the bathroom:notnice: