Iskwezm's turbo kit

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  1. Shoulda lied man, make it work for ya:rlaugh:
  2. you need an air filter on that for the street. lets get some action videos!!!!!!
  3. it wont get dirt inside my garage:rlaugh:
  4. a garage queen? is that what you're saying? :) he he
  5. due to time,work and other projects, it doesnt get much street time....................but its like a ace in the hole, when it comes out,theres a reason:D
  6. :cheers: hell yeh!

    just like mine... If you see the skinnies up front- look out, cause its time to do some business:Track:

    Had a great time at the show, thanks for the sodas and passing out about 150+cards off your car. NEXT TIME I'LL PAINT MY CAR ORANGE so people will notice me too!
  7. no problem, i'll do what i can, but I think I killed the next show on Sunday.

    I told you that show was freakin huge,next year we'll register at the same time and get some closer spots,take bbq and a couch:nice:

    The fuscia bug was getting more looks though:notnice:

    I gave my dad a ride earlier today, he was like a rag doll in that seat and all :D , then i said wait till its tuned and really sees boost, then he was all:jaw:

    Let me know about the drags, since i'll be busy sunday pulling a engine:bang:
  8. Oh, we're goin'. Rich orderd a rear swaybar today. And we wanna go beat up some drag cars. :D Pull it out and have them put in the bathtub pistons.:nice: I just need quit making everyone else's car fast, and concentrate on mine. :bang:
  9. Yeah, im gonna drag Bill,my neighbor, out Sunday morning to pull it.It used to take about 1:20 to pull it, now we'll see with the headers.

    Im curious as to what the hell is going on:shrug:

    i'll probably see you guys out there.:nice:

    you going Saturday(racing at 3:00pm) or Sunday (racing at 8:00am)???
  10. Dunno yet. He's trying top get the tech card in the mail. HE lost the other one, but probably go both days. Let ya know when he finds out.
  11. Looks great Mario! I'm glad you've got it back and are happy.

    So what's the plan? Stick to the meth kit for now until you can save the funds to pull the motor apart and swap the pistons?

    Kinda sucks to get everything together only to not be able to use it to it's full potential.
  12. Well, the plan is to pull the engine Sunday.I dont think a meth kit would help at this point.There was absolutly no detonation, and i was giving my dad a ride, both head gaskets let go.My guess is the 10.4:1 was just way too high for any small amount of cylinder pressure.So the guy that built it is gonna basically disassemble the engine,go through it,replace the pistons with a 16cc dish that I PAID for and should've been in there from day one, check the deck for straightness etc.,all at no charge.

    but let me say the blower NEVER pulled like this did. Should'nt be down more then a couple of weeks
  13. :banana: Dude, just wait. You dad will have to wear a diaper next time.:lol:
  14. What cr will 16cc dishes get you? If you are going to open it up, you might as well get it to 9:1 or lower.
  15. With 60cc heads (Edelbrocks) and .005" piston-to-deck, a 16cc dish should bring it down to about 9.3:1, by my calculation. He'd have to open up the combustion chambers to get it lower - and it ain't a bad idea to lay back the chamber walls a bit to unshroud the valves ... but then that's NA thinking. Who cares when your pushing the air in?
  16. 10secgoal- if you guys don't make it, there is something wrong with people, that's the best work I have seen yet. granted I am only 21, I have seen a lot of turbo set ups and non of them looked that clean, there's a guy here in Modesto CA who does turbo's and his work doesn't even come close to what your doing.

    iskwezm- Looking forward to seeing some vids once you get everything dialed in.

    Ford Kid
  17. Originally it was supposed to be a 8.9 or 9.0:1 compression ratio.

    Other option or remedy they offered was to CNC port the heads and opent the chamber to about 68 or 70 cc's.Still no charge for labor and disassembly.
  18. he might already:shrug:


    he's great he lives for the car since they bought it new and its still in the family. And he drove about 11 hours non stop from Arizona just for the show.
  19. 10secgoal:

    What size are the primaries on the headers?

    Whats the diameter of the DP and the Cold side inlet piping?
  20. Had a friend run an open turbo like that on the road just for fun. Lasted a month. It sucked up so much crap it fried the turbo.