Iskwezm's turbo kit

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  1. how much more room do you think you'd have in a 70 vs. mid 60s? could still do a 302 based setup. maybe 2 small twins so as to not to have to worry about the cross over pipe?
  2. Hey neighbor, if you don't want a/c, ps and a swaybar, an 8.2 block is pretty easy with a single. I think there are a couple headers that will fit forward and down. Are you planning on making your car handle on the streets on more of a street/strip setup?
    10sec, doesn't Richard's car have one of your kits with the cross over where the swaybar usually is?
  3. Yeah it goes right were the sway bar goes. It needed to be there, so the DP could run under it. His car is real low, too. But it's no problem at all since the lack of sway bar frees up alot of ground clearance.
    The only set I know off that fits, still won't allow for a swaybar, or P/S. Only have 1/4 inch flanges, and ball and socket collectors that warped. (ask me how I know.) And they don't fit a 351.
    Fastback, twins is possible. Not ideal though. It would make room for a sway bar, but nothing else.
    A 70 has a ton more room than a 65. I just did a set of 351w headers and kinda laughed about it. Kind of a pain to make. But I'd rather do a 351 in a 67-70 than a 302 in a 65-66 any day of the week.
  4. Dumb question.......

    I thought I read somewhere that you could take a pair of shorty headers, slightly enlarge the header bolt holes and mount them backward (towards the radiator). From there you could mount a pair of small turbos to the collectors.

    Does that really work?:shrug:
  5. probably in a larger engine compartment, but not mine
  6. It's more common with latemodels like Fox3s and SN95s. Shorties can be used either pointing upward or down.
  7. Now I know I've seen a guy that works for one of the turbo companys put twin turbos on his own 66. He made a set of "log" style headers and hung the turbos from each side of the collector towards the front of the engine.

    It seems like a couple of the assc. had to be moved a little, but it seemed to be fairly easy to do other than welding your own headers, but if you can build your own headers welding up a set of "log" style headers would be easy to do.:D

    Just throwing out ideas. The turbo set up in isk's car looks fantastic.:hail2: It seems to look like a lot of work is all. I know that putting the turbos in the front keeps you from having to go under the car and giving up the swaybar.
  8. My 2005 GTO now sports twin turbos by using an Aussie kit that has the stock manifolds reversed (they are high flowing cast iron), turbos mounted on an extension/adaptor up front. Great setup as it is INSTANT boost. I haven't messed w/ either Mustang for a good while...still LOVE turbos (and the big 'ole D2 blower is just stupid ;) ). Anyway, perhaps figuring out twins would work better to allow suspension/steering parts (in conjunction w/ MII front end).

    Keep up the fabricating and build more fast classics.
  9. I'd love to. But then no P/S or AC. Gonna start on a set of SBC headers pretty soon. Seems to be a better market than this anyways. More of a general header. I sell a set every once in a while. I talk to people all the time about the kits and pricing. Then I see them in another thread after spending thousands in a MII front end, then trying to adapt a foxbody kit. :shrug:

    The only reason I do it
  10. Hey I've got no PS or AC :p But then again I've got a TCP rack which you'd need to check out. I really wanna go w/ an AA IC unit also. But hopefully by the time I buy the kit off'll have the IC unit kit out. :D
  11. what combo can you run safely through a turbo without an IC on pump gas? by pump gas I mean 89 octane. oh and on 9.8:1 compression. just speaking generally of course. . .
  12. 2 lbs...maybe :p

    Seriously if you're pushing close to 10:1 CR and wanna run on 89 you aren't gonna be seeing much boost at all. Now if you were on 93 I could see you getting by w/ maybe 5-6 lbs....possibly.
  13. theres a actual formula for figuring boost, its the octane rating X compression X the thickness of your wallet. The thicker the wallet and higher octane, the more boost you can run. Im only gonna run about 9 psi on 91 with a empty wallet.
  14. I don't know about an AA for a while. I need another car that I don't have room for to do a AA. Probably stick to AW or methanol for a while.

    I don't know if I'd try 89. Rich was running 9.7 with 91 and 8.5 psi or so. No problems until the wastegate line blew off.I would go for 5-8 psi with 91 though.

    I feel ya Mario. Hence the reason mine sits.:p
  15. So in trying to figure out my fuel setup I was thinking of getting the Aeromotive A1000 pump, -10 lines w/ -8 lines on return and an Aeromotive bypass regulator. Can I use my stock fuel cell w/out upgrading to a race cell and having to weld a sheet over the hole for the stock cell?
  16. Im gonna go check on my engine today, i sorta lost interest in the past week, then the g/f decides I wasnt busy enough so she nudged a huge storage container with the new FJ:rolleyes: , now i have to buff and fix whatever was damaged inbetween the rest of the crap on my list.

    I do miss that sweet single Borla though:( I hope to get the car back back to you in the next couple of weeks for some dyno time:nice:
  17. if you're using a carb, then use a -10 return. the a1000 will work (that's what i use). i'm using the stock tank also.
  18. Cost?!

    i have a local hi-performance shop that does turbo setups -

    sent them an e-mail and i'm waiting for an estimate on a 1 or 2 turbo setup. roughly, how much am i looking at?

    EDIT: take a look at their gallery. i personally seen the '69 Camaro twin turbo.
  19. Paul thanks for the input. Just trying to get everything squared away before I move. Trying to find a place w/ a garage which is damn near impossible for the SW burbs of Chicago....I've got a townhouse lined out but it's a bit far out from the city. Fiance doesn't wanna live that far out b/c the train ride into the city would be a good hour and a half. But it's a hell of a lot cheaper to live farther out. GRRRRRR. I'm still working on her cuz it's got a two car garage. Rent is only $925/month which is good for what all is included...especially around that area.
  20. That Borla did sound pretty good. Was surprised. Hopefully it woun't go any higher than 450rwhp or so.
    How much did you end up spending. I don't even know. I charged ya 1350 for the headers and what not. But you payed for the rest.