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  1. Welcome!

    Feel free to post where you are from and see what other StangNet members are in your area. You may also want to tell us what car you have and a link to some pictures!
  2. Ewa Beach

    Live in Ewa Beach. Moved here in July, brought my 2001 Cobra & 1985 Twister II. Left the 64 1/2 coupe back in Florida. Looking for any information related to decent rear axle shops (want to get some gears installed in my Cobra), and a truly superb paint shop (full restoration, show quality type) for my 1985 Twister II. Please PM with any recommendations.
  3. Hi, and welcome! Finding decent shops on Oahu is hard, and the choices very few. I can only think of 2 places for gears/axles, and that would be Nakaz Car Care, and Henry Tabios from Honolulu Ford.

    For a gear swap on a non IRS, I got quoted $460. That includes all fluids, labor, parts, whatnot. I asked if he can throw on my new 31 spline stuff, and he said he'd do it at no extra charge.

    For a paint shop, go to JL.

    Feel free to PM me with any other questions :)
  4. I live in Kaneohe and have a 93 5.0 coupe
  5. i live in st.thomas in the US Virgin Islands.. got a 1990 Mustang GT hatchback

    1990 Ford Mustang GT
    BBK Shorty Headers
    O/R H-Pipe
    2 Chamber Flowmaster 40 series
    2.5" Full exhuast w/ 3" Chrome Tips
    Flex-a-lite Flex Fan
    Removed Air Silencer
    MSD Blaster Coil
    Subframe Connectors
    Diamong Clear Headlights
    LX Tail Lights
  6. Welcome to the show! :nice:
  7. born on maui and moved away a couple months ago....

    03 cobra vert
    JDM LTs w/ catless X
    magnaflow catback
    2.93 pulley
    apten (me thinks) CAI
  8. I live on Absecon Island on the New Jersey Shore. Its the island were Atlantic City is located.
  9. We recently moved to Isabela PR this past spring. I was going to try and bring my original 33,000 miles black 95 Mustang GT convertible down but it started to sound like a real hassle and could be quite expensive. So I sold my baby and bought down here a yellow original 37,000 miles 2001 GT convertible and I love it. I would love to hear from more PR Mustang owners.
  10. Welcome to StangNet. :)
  11. live in Hilo, Hawaii (forever) and i love my fords i own a 97 Cobra pacific green #14 of 6961. i also own a yellow 02 GT mustang conv.white on white. and a 02 HD F150 i use for work and daily driver..
  12. Awesome! Welcome to StangNet. :)
  13. Born and raised in Hawaii. Currently in Honolulu for school. I was wondering if any of you know of good suspension shops.
  14. Active Duty stationed on Ohau! Picked up my 2005 GT and my wife's 2008 GT since we have been here.
  15. For those on Oahu, there are two great car show events on July 4th. The Navy Exhange Auto Show at Pearl Harbor and the Hot Rod Picnic at Aloha Stadium. Both shows are full for cars in the award categories. The stadium has some space for car clubs. The three Oahu Mustang clubs will be spread between both locations. The Aloha Mustang & Shelby Club will have a booth at the Aloha Stadium with member Ponies as well as some Ponies in the show award area.
  16. Howzit!

    Red Dirt, orange car. I'm cruising Kauai.


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  17. On Vancouver Island (south west coast of Canada)

    This little beauty is mine, a little spit and polish and she'll be as good as new :nice:

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  18. Welcome, all! :)
  19. Lahaina stang owner here...............That would be West Maui, and loving it!!

  20. Oahu here....