isn't everyone a master mechanic?

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  1. why is it that when i ask around everyone says its so simple to do an aod-e to t-5 swap, but in reality even prof trans shops are saying its a long tough job?? i really want to go for it, but have no experience with taking either the auto out, or (even though i know the basics of it) putting together the 5 spd clutch/ pressure plate/ flywheel assembly... im not too afraid of attempting it from what everyone is telling me... but what could go wrong... vibrations? misallignments, other trouble areas?? if someone could refer me to an idiot proof set of directions (i.e. how to remove/ install/ account for EVERYTHING needed) i'd give you my first born kid...
  2. of course their going to tell you it's a long and tough job. cause they will most likely charge you by the hour, instead of saying it's going to cost you X amount. thats how their going to make money.

    sometimes i wish i kewn how to do transmissions and had my own shop. cause those guys make some coin. you can figure every car is about a grand or more, to pull and rebuild, or pul and install a new one.
  3. im not too far away. i love taking s**t apart and know how to put all the manual stuff in. i could help.....
  4. so are you inferring that it ISNT as big of a job as they are all telling me?
  5. Dont forget that most mustang gurus on this board, have done the swap so many times they could do it blindfolded...
  6. i can do it blindfolded, hands tied behind back, and in a cage. Its no big deal, trust me, the harded part will be gathering the parts.
  7. I had my T-5 off in less than an hour to change the clutch and get the flywheel done. The only hard part was getting the damn thing back in LOL that took a day it kept mooving. I guess if I had a lift it would make things easier. I think my next task is going to be taking out the T-5 and getting a GForce Streight Cut one with a Hydrolic Clutch. Ahhh I love the whine of the Streight Cut gears :-D
  8. Shops have to make a living and eat too...A lot of the general public are know it alls and waste the shops time chasing a dream they never intend on following through on so sometimes shops don't want to sugarcoat it. Time is money, and most shops, at least around here...Charge for the job itself and not by the hour because sometimes you get busy and have to break off one thing and go to another. Well there's my schpeel... :D
  9. Actually putting on the flywheel, clutch, and tranny is very easy. WIth help could be done in a few hours. I think the only time consuming part will be putting on the clutch pedal, because it sucks working under the dash.
  10. Yeah tell me about it getting the cotter pin out was a pin in the *** took probably about 20-30 mins i finaly just took out the damn seat to get a better angle LOL. everything else was easy well routing the damn clutch cable was a pain too. I myself can't wait to get a shop and a lift I know all my buddies will be over asking to use the lift LOL. Hey a guy can dream can't he lol :-D.
  11. i am NOT a master mechanic
  12. neither am i, i just play one on tv
  13. :rlaugh:
  14. Just did this on my 95 and it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. Someone mentioned taking the seat out...without a doubt this is the only way to go. The pedal assy. isn't too hard to do and everything bolts right up. The factory wiring harness has everything you need, and was pretty ez to locate. Hardest part for us was installing the firewall clutch adjustment, but as you said Im no master at this crap.

  15. keep in mind that i have never taken out the auto, or had any experience installing or working on the standard... just hoping people arent sugarcoating the job cuz they think they are mustang guru's...this im not, so considering this what are the non starightforward points of confusion or trouble i might run into.. ive already located the parts from a junk 5 spd and will buy the rest just as soon as i know im not taking on a 10 hour job that takes two weeks... only cuz i cant really afford to lose my daily driver for that long...
  16. also is it possible to hook up the manual pedal assembly and still run the auto for a bit, and just have the clutch pedal dead with the cable just tied up somewhere under the hood? it would be better to split up the job and get a lot of the work out of the way on my own before i have my buds come over and help with the big stuff...
  17. The best idea would be to recruit someone to help you that has done at least a clutch install on a mustang before. An even better idea would be to have a guy that done the conversion before to help you. I wouldn't do it unless I had one or the other. When I installed my very first clutch in my mustang I ran into problems. Not to discourage you, but it would help you out a million to find someone that been there before.
  18. Yeah I'm glad I did my clutch with a friend I would have had some problems if not. Although we had never done a clutch on anything before so we ran into only small problems here and there. Over all it wasn't that bad Took about 2 days to do because of work and getting the flywheel reserficed lol. I should have replaced the rear main seal but oh well :( both front and rear are leaking now LOL. I would say when you have the clutch out take a look at the flywheel and rear main seal and either replace both or get the flywheel reserficed and replace the rear seal.
  19. just wondering if the auto brake pedal and reverse lights and everything will work with the auto harness and chip so i cna do this step of the swap early and break up the time it takes for the job a little bit...will it even come out of park??( the brake activates the park release...)