WTB/Trade ISO 1964-66 Convertible, 289, Automatic


New Member
Sep 26, 2020
Norfolk, VA
Hello, Perhaps I am being too specific but I am looking for a 1966 (preferably but 64 or 65 considered) 289, Automatic, Convertible; these are non-negotiable. Matching numbers are really important. The things that would be very desirable are power brakes, steering and top, console, deluxe interior (esp. blue/white). Not fond of some dark colors like raven black, vintage burgundy and the colors sauterne gold, springtime yellow. Condition needs to be superb/excellent, not concourse, and I'd use the car for Sunday drives, never in the rain, cars shows, cars and coffee kinda thing. If anyone has any leads I'd sure appreciate them. I've scoured the usual sites that I can find. Thanks.
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