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Jan 26, 2014
Hello all. I am a current owner of a Sterling Grey 2013 Mustang 6M with the V6 Performance and Tech Packages. I also once owned a 1992 5.0 Base GT 5M and a 1965 289 4M. I reside in North Texas with my wife of 13 years and our 5 children (yes, I know what causes that). I am a Regional Loss Prevention Manager for a Large National Retailer. I spend most of my time with my family or my career. I get to spend alot of time in my car for business, so it was important that I have something I love. Believe it or not, I think that this Mustang is the best looking, best handling, fastest, most efficient and most comfortable of the three that I've owned. The only way that this one is deficient is the I miss the way that old Fox 5.0 sounded!

Anyway, why am I here? Well, almost 2 years ago, while my car was on order, I joined another forum that shall remain unnamed. For some reason, I have found the culture of that community to be less than satisfying. If you ask a question, they make you feel stupid...If you make a suggestion, they get defensive...If you have an idea, they insult you. I decided to shop around for a more open, inclusive and supportive forum. Hopefully this one fits the bill. Eventually, I will settle on the one I like best rather than keep up with several forums for a single interest. I look forward to participating in and contributing to this community. TTYL.
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