WTB/Trade Iso Blue Glow 73 Mach 1


New Member
Feb 28, 2018
Good day pony people,

My wife’s 60th is approaching April 15, 2018.

Her first car was a Blue Glow or Medium Blue (She can’t say for certain but likely Blue Glow) 73 Mach 1 with black stripes.

For her birthday, I’d like to reunite her with a similar car. I’m not independently wealthy nor am I looking for a trailer queen.

I’m in search of a solid car in good shape (perhaps restored) that she can get in and drive.

Would prefer Automatic with air as we are in the south where it gets a bit warm. She does have a lead foot so the 429 would be awesome but the 351 is workable.

If you have, or know of such a vehicle available for sale, please respond. I only have about 6 weeks to pull this together.


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