Drivetrain Issue With Putting In First Gear

Discussion in '1994 - 1995 Specific Tech' started by fordtech28, May 30, 2012.

  1. This morning I was going to take my cobra to work and I needed to stop for gas.So I get to the gas station turn off the car then after i was done filling it up I tried putting it into first gear and it was making a grinding noise. So I started driving it in second gear and that went in fine and so did the rest of the gears.When I dropped it off back home to get my other car I was able to get it into first gear once then after that it wouldnt go back into it.Im thinking I could be the shifter I have the Tri ax steeda shifter the car was sitting in my garage for a few months .I would turn it on once in a while and move it in and out of the garage with no issues until today the clutch is only a few months old and hasnt been driven much.

    Any Ideas what I can check for

  2. If it grinds every time, it's almost always a broken blocker ring. If it was every gear, I would say it was a clutch, but one gear grinding like that?? The T-5 has composite fiber blocker rings, whereas most transmissions have brass ones. The carbon fiber ones are stronger, and shift faster, but they don't wear or distort, when it's time to go, they just crack, and your transmission grinds on that gear from there on out. Possibly a messed up slider, but my money is on the blocker ring. Definately not a shifter problem.

  3. I tried it again yesterday when I got home from work and I was able to shift it into first without it it grinding so I took it for a spin and it shift fine but when I got back home it did it again it wouldnt shift into first gear and the shifter itself was really notchy getting into all the gears now so now I think its a trans issue but I feel it right at the shifter

    yesterday I finally had time to mess with it so I took off the shifter to see if there was anything weird in there and I notice the plate that has the paths for the gears and it was off to one side and even if I tried moving the shifter level and that piece didnt move and I notice that when I tried putting it in first gear it wasnt going in to the little track on the plate.So I got a big screwdriver and I pryed on the plate to make it straight and it finally moved with some force.Now its shifting fine but my question now is why did the plate get stuck. Any Transmission experts out there that can chime in why it did that?