IT HAS BEGUN! My custom TT sutup thread.

Discussion in 'SN95 4.6L Mustang Tech' started by hotmustang331, Jul 18, 2006.

  1. Pretty gutsy to take on a project like this. I wish all the best to you. I'm sure at times it we get very frustrating. Just walk away and come back later. That always seem to work for me. Have fun. Pearl02.
  2. I am jealous :rolleyes:
  3. you don't know how bad i wish i lived local to weld that stuff for you.

    i could make those stinkin headers for you.
  4. are you moving the battery out for space?
  5. thats gonne be awesome :nice:

    one question tho. sorry to bag on you, but i've always been wondering....whats up with your pics man? looks like you're stuck in the stone age in the way of a camera. :D
  6. I wish you could too Bill LOL....but thats ok, atleast we can say that we did it I guess :). I think we will make it though.

    ^ :rlaugh: Yea i know :nonono: . You buy a $350 video camera that films in high DV quality, but takes pics that cameras of 5 years ago did LOL.

    We really need a regular 3-5MP camera...Ha, I spend 4 grand on the stang and cant afford a decent camera :rlaugh:
  7. hotmustang331 please stop talking and show us for picture

    Picture Please , pretty please. I love turbo
  8. im clueless on turbo systems, but why did you remove your LT's? also, if the elec. WP is up for sale, pm me.. i could use a few more ponies. :nice:
  9. Seems like your coming along good mang..I just got home around 3pm today man that was along drive..But nice progress..
  10. Ok, BUMP.....check back on page 1 for updated pictures!
  11. That hood is sweet :drool:.

    Did you have to cut the openings yourself, or do they come precut like that?
  12. :drool: There's really not much that I can say, that would express my massive jealousy of your car right now. I'm just going to sit here in the dark, staring at your car for a little longer.
  13. man thats a lot of fabbing and work man! good luck with everything. it seems like everything is going just fine. that thing should make some big power and bigger torque!

    when do you estimate being done? any idea?
  14. Thanks all :) . Yea I cut the underside of the hood outmyself, and my dad helped some with the louver slits.....what you see on the bootom side is basically how I sent it to the body shop...they like didnt do any prep on the bottom! Although it still looks good, had I known they werent going to do much, I would have prepped it more under came out great - a few things they missed. But the guy working on the hood (former manager) was POd because my dad made the owner come down on the price by $200. Probably did a "$500 job" according to his opinion.

    And the guy was like "man I wouldnt do it for $500...I would have left it @ 700" So my dad tells him "Hey man, your getting your money, dont worry about how much im paying Art, alright. ". And it took them a MONTH to do that lol.

    Adrenln, man I cant say for this was supposed to be done like 2 months ago LOL. But now that my header flanges just came in a few minutes ago, I think it will be very soon :D . We have to rebuild the headers, and tack them all up, then send them to a friend for Tig welding.
    Probably looking at another 2 weeks, depending on how busy my dad there is no way I would trust myself on the headers lol. He used to be a carpenter and plumber, so hes very good at things like that and getting the angles right.
  15. Man that setup looks sweet! I love the louvered hood, nice job! How much hp are you looking to put out? :nice:
  16. Well, I was looking for somewhere near 500RWHP....but now that I got the busa im not sure if I want to push it that far. :shrug:

    Im thinking 450RWHP should be fine...or maybe 460RWHP. :D As long as it will hold up for a while....I think ill just tell Tim to do his magic and tune it to whatever he feels is safe :nice:
  17. What kind of pulley set-up is that?
  18. why not take it to Murillo ? his shop is here in san antonio. cant go wrong with an 8 or 10 time champ!
  19. hotmustang- how are you going to get that beast to Tim? Just curious...
  20. Ab 281
    Its a full March U/D pulley setup (Like $140) and IMHO is better than the full replacments like steeda, and the March full set, as the "piggy back" style retain the stock dampener....which is better than any currect aftermarket U/D one.

    Well, Tim has an AMAZING record with blown cars on stock motors....not one of them have simply blown up because of the blower. The VERY few that have let go, were having oiling problems/making strange noise before the S/C was installed.

    However, I know a person and have heard of others whos stock motors lasted no time after being tuned by Murrilo. One guy had 400RWHP on his wifes GT (vortec I believe), and it blew in only like 2 months. There have been simular cases....too many for me to go there. I know he was tuned alot of high HP cars with forged motors, and most of them are fine....but these 2Vs just can not take much/if any detonation or their history.

    Honestly, Tim @ MPH is the only person I trust to tune the car...I KNOW he will make it safe.

    Well man, I left the stock injectors in and hooked up the stock MAF. So if I stay out of boost, the car should drive just as it did before. Im going to CAREFULLY drive up there and stay light on the pedal and <3000RPM until after its tuned.

    But you just watch, some vette or something is going to come up and start messing with me, and I wont be able to do a darn thing LOL. Only thing I could do is just hope and pray that I see him again on the way back. :lol: