IT HAS BEGUN! My custom TT sutup thread.

Discussion in 'SN95 4.6L Mustang Tech' started by hotmustang331, Jul 18, 2006.

  1. By clicking the "Insert Image" button 3 to the right of the hyperlink button
  2. Thanks!
    Here's the FMIC I stuffed in.[​IMG]

    Are you putting both turbo's in front of the motor, or down in the fender?
  3. Upload that pic to from your PC, and then use the URL that photobucket will provide you and incase it in or click the insert image botton, which will put the [​IMG]
  4. Its on Yahoo photos. So requires a log in. Didn't think of that.

    I guess I need to get off the keyboard and back under the car where my efforts can be put to more productive use.

  5. If you have a AFPR, you may want to give it a nudge or 2, to the positive side..

    Boost is going to happen, mostly in the higher RPMs, so if you stay out of the throttle, you should be okay.. Keep the load light on the engine...

    It's a shame you didn't have a boost gauge w/ both Boost/Vac, instead of just boost. This way, you could always ease off when you get to a -4/-5 psi (for example) on the gauge.. That thing looks pretty sick..

    Did you move the radiator, or just the overflow??

  6. ^ My $700 retail boost controler shows boost and vacuum along with contolling the waste gates :D . So thats not a problem.

    Yea my dad thought of the loacation and its a perfect place for I made a bracket for it to mount to. :) I really like it being there....fits like a glove.

    And whats the AFPR????? Is that that thing from granelli motorsports that lets you trick your MAF so the EEC will add more global fuel or less depending on what you set it for?
  7. Adjsutable Fuel Pressure Regulator methinks :)
  8. Can't use that on a returnless style fuel system.
  9. hey saleen.. looks like we will be pretty close on setup. I ordered MPH blower cams monday.. and we are cranking the vortech to 15psi for now. you will have an advantage anyway with the Novi.

    good luck and let me know what ya get
  10. i know! i was jstu takign a stab at what he meant my AFPR adn thats what came to mind