It only lasted two week! 03 owners must read!

Discussion in 'SVT Tech Forum' started by gemex, May 11, 2005.

  1. If the rotor failed at speed during braking it could cause this type of accident. The rotor was split directly in half. I think that if it would have happened that way it would occur on the front rotor as little force is applied to the rear, but who knows.
  2. Reason I ask is that I'm reading on other websites were this same type of accident/damage can and does occur when a rotor fails. I guess it's somewhat common on the cross-drilled rotors from what I gather.

  3. Oh you guys are scaring me I am a newbie who just bought a 99 Cobra Vert...should I be worried?
  4. No. This is not a common problem on vehicles that are still running a 100% stock rear IRS and stock solid rotors. Does your '99 have drilled rotors though? If so, then yes I would be a little bit worried...

  5. WHERE ARE THE PICS?!?!?!? I am very interested in this as I Had a rear knuckle split on me. Is this the same thing? Ill post pics of mine in a little bit.