It put down WHAT!!!!

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  1. Well this is going to make you guys rolling in a 99-04 GT kinda mad......

    My buddy just went and had is brand new Cobalt SS dynoed....... 225 Fwhp...!!! What.....!! He said he was taking out some mustangs and wanted to see y lolol....Well we found out lol

    Dammit!!! Dammit all to hell!!!
  2. Cannot outrun ghey + ugly :notnice:


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  3. is that all stock??

    if it is than how do you explain mid to high 14s in them. Thats all the times ive seen the mid 14s are lightly modded and good drivers.
  4. Ive yet to see a stock one run better than a 14.4, one with all the basic bolt ons ran a 13.8(Last winter). Cobalt gayness=SRT-4 gayness anyways so I could care less.
  5. Yeah its all bone stock.....Ive never ran against one and to be honest.......ive never really cared what they were able to do lol...I just thought it was pretty impressive for that car...
  6. Damn, those numbers are what some of us PI 4.6 guys put down stock... we suck.
  7. your car is ghey and i think your statement is incorrect
  8. still

    Mustang > Cobalt . (PERIOD)
  9. i would rather have a mustang, but an ecotec with a roots blower is cool as hell. its like a little cobra :D
  10. What is he raggin' on ***** ass 96-98 non-pi stangs? Tell him to pick on some FI stangs and see how well he runs. Apples to Apples baby.

  11. Didn't you get out run by one of these a few months ago (or was it an Ion Redline) :SNSign:
  12. um yeah, but...

    your friend is an idiot...

    He is comparing a stock mustang GT to a cobalt SS....

    his SS is a "modified" (from the factory) cobalt-

    What would make sense is if he raced a Cobra- which is a stock mustang that has been "modified" from the factory..

    I would rather drive a pink V6 mustang before you GAVE me a cobalt..
    #1 it's a chevy
    #2 it's gay
    #3 it's front drive
    #4 it's a cobalt...

  13. Well he also has a 01 WS6 T/A that puts 432 Rwhp all motor:nice: .....The Cobalt is his daily driver and he wanted something fun and decent on gas....He's not talking sh$t...He loves stangs to...he was just impressed with his little Cobalt SS.....
  14. Fact of the matter is that ford needs to build a better entry level mustang gt. I mean 300hspwr is good, but the darn car weighs about 3500+lbs. Either cut weight out of the stangs or build a higher hspwr car. These rice burners and usa made 4/6 cyl's are equalling or beating stangs stock for stock. :nono:
  15. Nothing wrong with those SS Cobalts, they are fun cars to drive just like the SRT Neons were...some of you guys talk so much trash and never even drove one.
  16. I would rather drive an auto 4 cyl. 90 mustang than a Cobalt ss:nice: That spoiler looks like something a Honda guy would stick on his Civic. If Chevy didnt put that 3 foot high spoiler on there then it would be an alright car. Being an American car they should have made it rear wheel drive. They even made there Impalla ss fwd this year which is gay because they come with a 5.3lt v8 with I believe 300hp which would be awesome if it was rear wheel drive:shrug:
  17. Wow, sorry my comment made you all emo and butt-hurt. I suggest you take a Midol immediately and go talk things over with your life partner... :rlaugh:
  18. my buddy has a SS non supercharged and that thing goes like a [email protected]!

    10:1 compression

    I like them and Im glad the domestics now have some boot under the hood.:nice:

    We have a broader torque range throughout the power band so we will smoke em, if we dont spin
  19. Cobalt SS, Saturn Ion Redline, SRT-4, etc, etc. Just a phase of manufacturers catering to the ricer trend. Some of trying to bring back muscle...GTO, Charger, Camaro, Challenger, but they're killing it before they even start witht he prices of these freakin' cars. Seems like back in the 60's, muscle was popular to mod because it was cheap. Just like rice is cheap now.
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