It put down WHAT!!!!

Discussion in '1996 - 2004 SN95 Mustang -General/Talk-' started by 03GTconv, Oct 26, 2006.

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  1. Just curious, are you not a human? Are you a philosophy major or something?
  2. im actually abig fan of the new 05 v6. its a nice car to drive. i wouldnt buy one, but cobalts/redlines, dont ride as nicely for daily status
  3. watch out, you are acting like an ignorant, typical weak human.
  4. Yeah, I'd never claim a sporty car is a nice comfy ride....but I've never cared much for a soft ride like I'm on a cloud. I don't mind losing fillings over every bump. So I'd drive a Ferrari every day if I could afford it. At least until I'm old and gray and start breaking bones over potholes.
  5. I know I'm not ignorant, even if what i say sounds so sometimes. Just seemed a bit weird the way he referred to others as humans. Almost like an alien possession or something.

    But anyways, I'm not here to seriously put others down, I might rag on someone sometimes in good fun though. But if you can't take a joke in this world...might as well eat a .45 cal sandwich.
  6. All Jackie Chan does is be disrespectful and rude here, best to just ignore him :notnice: I am sure his attitude will get him banned soon anyways...

    I guess he gets bored sitting in his crappy cubicle on his crappy car lot waiting for the next sucker to come by and try to buy a car :shrug:
  7. I was frustrated at the reaction I got from a post, that's all.

    Ironically I test drove one, and was very impressed with the performance, feels like it will keep up to a stock 99+ GT, however it was the rest of the car I didn't like.
  8. I never take anything around here personally. Just pretend none of us are real people since its only the internet.
  9. Nah, we can enjoy a nice environment, where we know we're all real, and share a common love for a pretty cool car, the Ford Mustang.

  10. funny, im at the wsn all cubicles. guess again loser. have fun following everyone of my posts around like a little ****
  11. Just don't ever, never ever never ever, bring up any good attributes about any other car, unless you are willing to accept the following:

    1) That you must be ghey for liking any other car.
    2) That all cars must compare to the mighty stang!
    3) If a car is actually better than the stang, its because it costs more.
    4) Anything with less than 8 cyl is for little children and small rodents.
    5) Magazine tests about the mustang are highly underrated, and tests about all other cars are overrated.
    6) If all else fails, see rule #1

    :SNSign: :flag:
  12. Keep it on topic and leave personal insults out of the thread :shrug:
  13. Ohhhh, I don't know. I think the new stangs do pretty well with the 300hp they've been graced with. How many stock from the factory rice burners in the same price range as the Mustang can you think of that will run mid-13's or better?

    The only one that comes to mind for me is a Subaru WRX STi and it's far more expensive than a Mustang GT. :shrug:
  14. :eek: :flame:

    Nobody is saying the Mustang is slow, just that this is a pretty kick azz chevy that will stay right along side our cars but they are still $20k used.
  15. I do not follow you anywhere... :shrug: Anyway, thanks for proving me right :nice:
  16. I still am trying to figure out why everyone is calling the dodges cevys and saturns rice burners:shrug: I didnt know they were produced in japan.
  17. you have posted in multiple threads trying to talk **** about my livelihood. what is it you do for a living? just continue being the average loser, upping your post count stategically by answering every gear, cai and catback thread in tech....
  18. What is this thread about? oh yeah a SS Cobalt :OT:

    At least the cobalt ss is 2 doors unlike the Neon srt. I always thought having 4 doors on a car made for performance was not a good idea. But Dodge embraces the 4 door sport sedan as of late.:stick:
  19. Either I am missing something or I'm just retarded, but how does a bone stock cobalt ss put down 225hp to the wheels when it's rated at 205hp to the motor. I doubt that car has 260bhp. Maybe it's just me.
  20. cuz Cobalt is made by chevy, chevy makes the LS1, the LS1 is made by the hand of God; therefore modus ponens tells us Cobalt SS puts down 225 fwgghp (that is front wheel god given horse power) Duh!
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