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  1. also, why are we comparing the top of the line new car to a 3-10 year old middle of the line mustang? If your going to pick the top of the line version of this "sports car" then lets compare it to the Cobra, it's only fair. No i don't think bigger engines are always better like some red neck, but if you S/C something then S/C what your comparing..... not much of a contest. Here's what would be the middle of the line cobalt: 20092793enb2.jpg

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  2. You're right, that is impressive...although when i worked for chevy last summer i was pretty sure I remember them being 200hp (flywheel)...not 225fwhp :scratch: Did they upgrade them in the recent years since it came out? Or did i receive bad intel back then? :shrug:
  3. nope, your right. it's rated 205hp from factory at flywheel. But we all know how much the drivetrain increases hp output:rolleyes:
  4. Hmm i must say its disappointing to see someone as knowledgeable as Jackie_chan to be arguing and irate with fellow stangnetters for seemingly no reason... :scratch: :shrug:
  5. And you are just driving a car that was designed for a 6 cylinder and teenage girl in college that just happens to have a engine swap to satisfy the small pecentage of mustang owners who think they are sports cars. Saying its still just as Cobalt is being narrow minded and overlooking what the car is...a small affordable relatively fast car thats fun to drive.
  6. thats the second time i've seen you call him out in a thread today....:nonono:
  7. He didn't do anything the entire thread, he's been hounded by a certain member more then once today that i've seen. Some people just don't like others i guess...who cares its only the internet.
  8. Wouldn't be the first time cars are under rated for insurance reasons etc...the 04 Cobra is rated at 390hp at the flywheel and puts down 375rwhp..F bodies are the same way.
  9. Just like Mopeds and Fat Chicks, fun to ride till your friends see you!
  10. Hey when i rode a fat chick i always made sure she brought the rest of the herd for my boys :nice:
  11. sweet! Bro's before hoes!
  12. you move to Florida yet?
  13. No, Just finally got my written orders last week. Set to move in early February! I can't wait to drive the snake year round!:nice:
  14. You realize that a lot of people have more than one user name on here? I have 4, been on here for 4 years now, anyways, my point.. You could be tellin' off a mod. and not even know it, besides, I think your attitude dictates the kind of person you are, and you are not stangnet material by any means. Why don't you stop on over here; and read it over some. Or just swallow your pride. To take that kind of offense to something, well, even online in an environment such as this, I thinkin' a /permaban or maybe you just need a hug... :shrug:

    I put down 262 fwhp with my VR6 GTI, but, that was heavily built N/A. All top end tho, stock sb, expensive top end setup+software, LSD, etc etc, some of you have seen it, I think I've posted about it in the 5.0 section a few times over the last year or two, that's about it tho. I've never ran it in the 1/4, it would probably only run reasonable, being that it's a cornerburner, however from a 80mph roll it's about twice as fast as my 99LE.
    Modds are: Fully Custom N/A setup with nasty cams, entire top end was about 5500, not including labor. FK Silverline Coil over suspension, FK CAI, FK exhaust, some custom, borla cat-back, full brembro brake upgrade all around/steel lines etc etc. Leather Recaro Interior, 9 1/2" steering wheel, many many others, too much to list. Car handles honestly probably 3 times better than the stang, which sits on only sport springs. Feels like i'm pulling a few G's ;) . It's great, with the engine, weight loss, gearing, etc etc, you never have to worry about what gear you're in. Great car, very different, I guess I enjoy both worlds. No awd car tho, however my girl will defonantly get an audi if she passes on the Mazda6(But I wont let her ;) )

    Saab put down over 300hp, car is no it, good friend of mine collects them, here's a pic from last fall, just about exactly a year ago.



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  15. umm, who was that directed to?:shrug:
  16. I would take a Sky redline over quite a few cars. I still find it ****ty an srt-4 can handle more power from the factory than our blocks can.
  17. My bad, Jackie Chan. Post took a bit to complete, working on my wireless network, anyways by the time I posted it, it was toward the bottom.

  18. Cars just get faster. I don't personally race everything that revs a motor at me and even if they are faster, I don't care. I bought my 'Stang because I like the looks of it an it's a '96 GT. I've owned mainly Camaro's all my life that would stomp alot of 'Stangs but there was for me, just something about the way the '94's to '98's looked. Hell, I knew buying the car was asking to get smoked by anything 2000 and up. I still don't care. A co-worker has the SRT4 Neon and he's faster. Like I told him, "great, but just like any other new versus old, find me a stock Neon from '96 that is faster than my stock '96 GT and you won't." Most cars nowadays could smoke most of the old muscle cars I always dreamed of having and they do it with half the cylinders. I do think Ford does need to step the hp up on their lineup. Most other car manufacturers get around 250-260 hp on a stock v6, and some v8's are making around 425, so yeah, 210 and 300 doesn't really cut it.

  19. i totally disagree on the "just a phase" comment. not everyone can afford 2 cars. so for most people, it makes more sense to have one car that can accomidate all their needs. take people up north for example. ever try driving a monster V8 car in the snow? then there is the price issue. younger people want sportier cars. take johnny who is 20 years old and living on his own. what would he buy on a limited budget? a fully loaded 225whp for $22k loaded or a Mustang GT that starts at $25k. then factor in the insurance costs associated with each. gas mileage is another issue. most, not all, of those fast 4cyls, get better gas mileage than a V8 car.

    don't get me wrong, i love my Mustang and wouldn't trade it for a souped up economy car, but if i could have only one car, i would need something more practical.
  20. you hit the nail on the head man, i was going to say the same exact thing:SNSign:
    Alot of people who say the new GT is weak with only 300hp are people who have never actually driven one. Its pretty quick and it launches like no other mustang before it.
    Oh and those numbers are ok for a cobalt SS supercharged but i still wouldnt want one, american rice just doesnt attract me no matter what numbers they put out or how easily they can be moded. FWD for the lose!
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