It's a Christmas Miracle

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  4. ok real story... Not as cool as getting arrested.

    I left my car at my dads house on the 21st and drove my moms car to south FL. I left my keys so my dad could drive the car and have some fun. On Christmas morning my dad and I were sitting around and chatting talking about stuff I want/need to do to the car in the near future. Thats when he told me that there was a little accident. He told me that he changed lanes into a truck on the road by his house. he said the bumper, tail light, and the whole drivers side was crunched up and that he bent a wheel when he hit a curb. He let stew around in my head for a while until I saw the car on New Years eve when I got back over to his place.

    The car was fine. What really happened was he does not like my new sideview mirrors. They are small 3 inch dome mirrors that take some getting use to. So when he went to change lanes he almost ran a truck off the road but there was just a bunch of horn honking, screeching tires but no contact. I guess my dad told me to story to convince me that my mirrors were dangerous and something could of happened.

    After my original post I forgot about the thread until I got PMed. And all the theories about what happened were so interesting and exciting that I just threw in another possible outcome.

    the end
  5. Phew, finally some closure!!! lol.

    im just gonna pretend he got you new mirrors.....
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