It's a Christmas Miracle

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  1. :stupid:

  2. :rlaugh::lol: Dude same here. This kid is a :fairyfight::spam:

  3. Please effing ban me. I beg you. I have learned in the past few months that this site is worthless. I just hope god can for give me for forgetting a thread on a worthless forum. Better yet please tell me how i can delete my account
  4. FordTard:rlaugh:: You should sell your car and get a chinzy immature import like your attitude suggests you are:nonono:
  5. FordTard: You're so full of $hit your eyes are brown. Feel free to return to the forums when your testicles have descended from your abdomen.
  6. Sorry to have offended you, but I was serious that there was finally a resolution to the post.

    Takes thick skin to hang here sometimes, you are better off firing back than getting upset. Thats is how we make freinds on StangNet...:)
  7. :stupid: i hate to offend other people but if you can't take it, don't leave it ya know... shoulda just lied and said he repainted the car or something cause im sure you knew that once you said nothing had happened you were gonna get reamed hard.. i understand why your dad did what he did but damn, i was looking forward to you gettin something amazing... but now all my hopes and dreams have been crushed :( :( :( :( :(

    i do give you credit thought for wasting enough of your time to multiquote all the negative comments in the thread lol.. and all banned smilies you put in there....


    on a lighter note, i definatly did not expect to see that and all i have to say is :jaw::jaw::jaw::jaw::jaw::jaw: thank you georgio :flag:
  8. in before the :lock:

    :thinking: :cookie: :ninja: i just wanted to use the new smileys........
  9. Yes sir....thread saved :nice: :drool:

    Those bumpers can cushion any wreck....even a train wreck :D

    So are we going to turn this into another "tangnet" thead :shrug: .
  10. Woa little dude! Take it easy! Cool your jets. Kids today are too uptight :nonono:

    Man I was flamed hard when I started here...... still am :rlaugh: but I know its all in good fun. This is a great site IMO. This site has taught me so much about my car and Stangs in general and I have made some awesome friends from here. People I hang with at FFW or car shows, people that really helped my when I needed it the most.

    Sorry if I over offended you but damn :nonono:

    Now lets see teh ghey mirrors :p:D
  11. lol wow people are taking chit said on stangnet too seriously :rolleyes:

    be a man, suck it up and learn to give and receive some ribbing

  12. LOL guys :D I have a thicker skin than you think. I was just messing with you guys, this is not my first forum and my testicles are dropped and no I will never own a ricer burning import and there is NO WAY IN HELL I WOULD GET RID OF MY MUSTANG. :flag:

    Anyway i took some pics of the mirrors and after a trip to a few junkyards and ford i have replacements. I have had the worst luck with mirrors on this car. When i bought the car it was missing one so i put a cheep one on from auto zone. Then i got a real glass replacement but dropped it when i was installing it. so i put the cheep one back on.. but the that flew off because it was not sticky enough anymore. so i put another cheep one on until i got one from the junk yard. but that fell off when my roommate slammed my car door too hard... not to long after that the good mirror on the other side flew off on the highway. so i put some chity domed mirrors on but they seem to have lasted the longest. I kinda like them because i have no blindspots and i dont have to turn my head.


    look through the pics.

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  14. :nice: (new ones i meen)
  15. those are cool mirrors :hide:

  16. dont worry the new ones will be on this weekend. I have some 2 part epoxy that I am thinking about using to make sure these dont fall off as well :D
  17. Dont see a whole lot of the purple GTs :nice: