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  3. Heya Jarrod,

    2 ish years ago, I bought a 06 V6 vert for my wife. I looked through the handling packs for thee V6 and didn't see anything that would address my misgivings about the suspension/handling on her car.


    That little rear end stutter that you get in a corner when going over a bump. It kinda feels like one or both rear tires leaves the surface for a fraction of a second before regaining ground then wiggles a bit before settling back in. Maybe the need for a better control arm? Not sure. Third link?

    Need for a limited slip in the rear.

    What's going to keep the rear of the car planted?
  4. I had a rear end noise on my 2006 as well. Mine was a V8, I wouldn't say that my car never felt un-planted, but there was a popping noise for sure. I replaced everything at once since my strut mounts were popping as well.

    I did lower control arms, upper arm, shocks, struts, pan hard bar and strut mounts. Noise went away immediately. The bushings in my lower driver side control arm looked bad.