1. so i know some of u saw my problems with my car last week, but now shes back and kicking wildly. took her out for a spin tonight, and there is a noticable difference with the new intake. mmm hp. heres a pic of the 'new' intake. off a 99 explorer for those that saw my last post. apparently the problem was there wasnt enough vacuum due to my custom split lines, so easy rerouting fix. and then i dont know if it was me or my friend, but we mixed up the 7 and 3 plug wires, so now she purrs perfectly. plus i fixed my lil exhaust leak, and now my cars that much closer to perfect running condition, other than a small PS leak when u leave the wheel cocked while parked. but im happy, HOORAY :SNSign: :D :D :D

    edit: sry in my excitement i forgot to post pics, here we go

    http://i13.photobucket.com/albums/a293/J_Squared/Stang Updates/DSC01335.jpg
  2. Congrats, Its usually the small things that wreak havok.