It's all about the looks, baby

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  1. Here's my question. I just did duals on my mustang, and no junkyard around had a GT Bumper cover in the zinc yellow, so i'm just waiting for one. I wanted the pipes on though, and looking at it more and more I kinda like the way it is. What is everybody's opinion on this? Money is not an issue in my case, a friend gave me a pair of cats from his 01 (he did off-road h-pipe), and I didn't use them, and any junk yard will do an even trade for those cats and my v6 bumper cover...but its just which does everyone think will look better?
  2. I had the V6 bumper for a while, then when i did changed to the GT bumper, it looked so much cleaner!
  3. I left my v6 bumper on. I don't want anyone to mistake it for a GT just because of the looks or think "I" think I'm driving a GT.
  4. do the 94/95 5.0's have the same rear bumper cover as the v6. do they say gt and have the exhaust cut outs from factory or do they look identical to the 95 v6 bumpers
  5. The '94-8 bumpers are the same except the GT's say GT instead of just MUSTANG. I think the 99+ v6's should just use dumps as to keep the factory bumper and not add on GT parts. Just so happens with us '94-8 guys we can add regular duals and not have a GT bumper.
  6. yeah, theres like a mustang parts website that has all sorts of take off parts i know somebody has that adress...
  7. the 94-95 v6 bumper says mustang, the 5.0 says mustang gt, and the cobra just says mustang. the 96-98 v6 says mustang, the 4.6 says mustang gt, and the cobra says cobra
  8. I have an does not say GT, just has the cutouts. I kinda like the way it looks straight, and I don't like to try and make my car appear to be a GT (fake scoop on the hood, GT emblem, etc...) but I think the bumper gives it a cleaner look, and i'm considering a saleen spoiler, because I like the look of it when ithe car has a roll bar like mine does.
  9. I would suggest leaving it as is. I personally think it looks better.
  10. no. go with gt bumper.... made for dual setup
  11. don't go with a GT bumper. Keep it the V6 back
  12. Go with the GT Bumper. The 98- cars were all made to have exhaust under the bumper, but the 99's were not, the bumper is too low and therefore you must angle or drop the tips to fit them and also, the bottom of the 99+ bumper is a hard edge, therefore, nothing can be aesthetically pleasing coming from below it w/o the cutouts. Yes, my car looks like a GT (no badges or anything) and most people think it is, but my purpose was not to fake people out, but to make it look good and IMO GT bumper is the way to do it.
  13. I don't view it as being a "GT poser," but rather the better way to go as far as cosmetics go. There's no shame in slapping a GT bumper on it, just don't badge it that way.

    BTW there is a how-to on "the other" Mustang site which shows how to do the cutouts yourself. If it were me, I'd cut them out myself. A lot cheaper and easy to do!
  14. if yu dont mind, whats the link to the "other" mustang site where i could see how to do this cut out mod for my duals. thanks in advance!


    PS: i want the clean look as well for my bassani SS catbacks :nice:
  15. i've previously seen those homeade cutouts for the exhaust, but I don't like them for several reasons. 1) it is just a cutout, and on the GT cover they actually angle back towards the interior for a cleaner look. 2) it would be an unpainted cut, unles you wanted to spend a bunch of money having a paint placec touch it up for you, or if you wanted to do a shotty job yourself with ford touch-up paint. Those are just my concerns
  16. yes you have a good point.

    anyone know the goin rate to have a bumper sized part painted to match a car? im guessing around 150-200$ area likely. anyone had it done before? im sure someone has :)

  17. I have called around, they all say between $180-200 for a rear cover paint job, $220 if they have to mix the paint.
  18. Try $20 for a can of OEM color-matched paint from Autozone. If you do the cut-out route, no one will notice you did it yourself if you take your time, sand it, and paint with a little more skill than a 5 year old!